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Hello Nexians,

I'm so happy to have found this wonderful place. I recently learned about the healing and learning potential within certain plant life, beginning specifically with cannabis and its ability to help me enter meditative states I otherwise can't access. In these states I've been able to acknowledge and process some unfortunate experiences in my life that were creating unsustainable amounts of mental tension, cognitive distortions, and anxiety/depression resulting in some material "real world" problems. I still find myself surprised to write this with absolute sincerity but I feel like this plant has been a true and life-changing ally.

In the next couple of days, when I feel like the time is right, I will begin exploring a relationship with Salvia Divinorum in the form of tincture, starting with quite low doses in silent darkness. I've read much about this plant and hold it in the highest esteem. Although I am nervous, I'm also excited. Hopefully she accepts me.

I also have some Salvia Divinorum seeds and will eventually grow my own plants.

My plan is to share these experiences, which I'd like to do here among this amazing community. This forum has taught me so much it's difficult to describe without sounding hyperbolic; maybe if I memorialize my own experiences online, here, they will help someone else some day. Just like I've been helped by reading what members have previously discussed and elucidated.

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best.
Welcome to the nexus,

don't know much about salvia but the mazatec ceremonies using it seem to be very profound, cannabis can indeed be a powerful ally, best of luck in your journeys!!
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