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Greetings, I came to you via the link list from entheobotanik.net in the wake of my boredom and thirst for knowledge. I come from Germany and write via translator when I have something to contribute, so there shouldn't be any problems with communication. :D

I have been interested in psychedelics and their associated culture for a very long time, about 8 years to be exact. In January 2017 I had my first contact with a psychedelic substance: psilocybin. I was so fascinated by the effect that I tried it more often. At this point I have to say that in previous years I had only been exposed to a few psychoactive substances: nicotine, alcohol and, at the age of 26, marijuana for the first time.

In the summer of that year I got to know LSD. The first trip was bad because the environment wasn't right and I underestimated the effect and had a horror trip, but overall the experience was still interesting. So I attempted to consume LSD alone, occasionally also taking magic mushrooms with XTC, which were also very interesting experiences. Over this time I also became more interested in spiritual things, Hinduism, ethnobotany, etc. Particularly in the area of psychedelics, I got into DMT, Ayahuasca, etc. very fascinated back then.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any experience with DMT yet, but I will try Changa for the first time. I think DMT is a very interesting substance where science can be combined with other things such as religion and spirituality. I myself am not a believer and would describe myself as an atheist, but I have had a soft spot for the Nordic world of gods since a young age. During the course of my time as a researcher, I also had an extraordinary experience on psilocybin and MDMA where Ganesha appeared to me in the room. The bizarre thing about it was that he didn't look like a cartoon or anything "unreal", but seemed to me to be an organic being, as we know it from "real life". I now have a strong interest in Hinduism, specifically the world of gods.

I also find the historical stories behind the magic mushroom very interesting, especially when the topic of the Aztecs, Maya, Maria Sabina, etc. comes up. I was also able to gain a lot of experience from the respected German doctor Christian Rätsch and his books. I think if you know anything about the subject, you've probably heard of him before. Otherwise, get your encyclopedia of psychoactive plants.

Best regards
Welcome to the Nexus, @Psykodelicore! I really resonate with a large portion of your story. I too discovered psychedelics around the same time as you (and same age too!), although my first (and still most fervent) love was LSD. Even though my first experience was nothing but bliss and love and powerful realizations about trauma and myself, I have learned a lot from the difficult experiences as well, much like you have.

And we also share a love for Nordic culture and mythology, it would seem.

Nice to have you join us, and very much looking forward to talk to you more!

Enjoy the Nexus, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them! If you feel like it, we'd love to have you in the live chat as well, you'll find plenty of like-minded people there!

Take care ❤️

Welcome to the Nexus. We have a lot of members from Europe and it is great to have another German join our found family, :D.

Your experience and progression with psychedelics sounds interesting. I'm sorry your first experience with LSD was so rough but I am glad you persisted with the work. It reads like it has been taking you to very interesting places.

I hope your first changa experience goes well. The key to DMT is surrender. Just let go of everything, trust that your body will be fine and I think you will be impressed with the results. I do hope you will share once you do try the changa.

If you choose to move forward in your work with DMT I would direct your attention to the Wiki link above. That leads to extraction TEK's which show easy and safe ways to pull DMT from plant material at home.

I hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to reading more from you.
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