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Growing ethnobotanicals on a commercial scale

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I was wondering if someone grew ethnobotanicals on a larger scale.
I am going to Central America to work and learn on an agroforestry farm, and after that I am going to study tropical forestry and agriculture. It seemed like quite a nice career to grow ethnobotanicals on a commercial scale. Is there anyone on this forum who already does this? I'd like to know.

Hi T,
That sounds like an admirable way to spend ones time :)
Moving towards a poly, rather than mono-resource per sq/m environment seems like common sense to me. I've held back though, from attempting to convince the guys who hold the licenses of the pine plantations (the company I work for services), that we should be growing all kinda of mushrooms between the trees and selling to local restaurants etc.
Those old forest dogs seem to be set in their ways.
Depends on how you're going to go about doing it. A lot of ethnobotanicals grow very slowly, and so large-scale returns on investment won't be available for a very long time.

Thanks everyone, I am back since about a week and I am quite sure I will do this in not too many years after I complete my study.
I went to a very good agroforestry site and also to a place where they grew the b. caapi and p. viridis


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