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Guidance on how much Tetrahydroharmine to use

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I’m looking for any guidance or resources re: how much Tetrahydroharmine to use when preparing changa

For context, I was planning on using 1g spice:1g plant material:300mg harmine

Thanks in advance
I personally have never added THH to changa so I can´t say from experience, but my recommendation is to make two small batches, one with half the amount of THH than the other. So for example lets say say you do for spice:plant:harmine:thh two batches, one with 1g:1g:300mg:300mg, and another with 1g:1g:300mg:150mg . Then you can try both, and see what you like the best. If for example one is way too diluted and doesnt have enough THH, or maybe the other is way too concentrated, you can always dilute or increase concentration afterwards to what you desire

Also I´d ask you to please share your experience here so others can know what you thought about the different concentrations :)

Good luck!
I haven't skewed THH doses, but I can say that when converting rue's harmaline to THH and leaving harmine the same, the experience is improved for me.

Physical improvements: No longer feel a loss of coordination or see tracers.
Subjective improvements: More loving and gentle, beautiful visuals with DMT less mechanical and more nature themes.

The natural ratio in rue (~50% harmine) works very well for me. Never felt the need to change it. Interested in the results of anyone doing skews.

I do increase the overall harmala dose, ~1.5x to 2.0x more for harmine/THH vs harmine/harmaline. Also, I no longer use harmine/harmaline.
Thank you both for the replies.

I read as many THH trip reports I could find and have, through an incredibly unscientific method, deduced that 300mg is probably an okay starting point.

My first batch will be 1g spice/1g plant material/300mg harmine/300mg THH. I'll report back. Thanks again!

EDIT: FWIW, I'll be enhancing Mullein, Marshmallow Leaf, Damiana, Lavender, Chamomile, Skullcap, Blue Lotus, Hops, California Poppy Leaf, Wild Dagga.
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