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GVG Usage Problem: DMT mainly melt and become liquid

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Ram Dazz

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after some good advice's from you, I purchased a GVG. But this new device leads to usage questions.
Investigations at this forum and google doesn't really help.

* I put 30 to 50 mg into the GVG.
* I carefully heated it with a normal lighter (like I saw it at youtube...it look so easy)
* White smoke is created...not unpleasant to inhale.

* The white smoke is without effects. I just feel dizzy.
* A lot of DMT is melted and run down inside the pipe.
* After one pull it is over.

* Do I need more or less heat?
* Do I need a liquid pad?
* I returned to my volcano because of this.

THanks in advance

Ram Dazz
Take this with a grain of salt as I've no personal experience whatsoever and pretty minimal research:
Everyone seems to stress the importance of a good torch to go along with the GVG. Because you're not using one I'm immediately thinking that it's the lack of heat.
If it does happen to be the opposite then it's either a problem involving the ceramic filter or, the more likely case, it's because you need to either add more filters / some bedding or get the pad.
I just received my gvg yesterday and I've been searching on here for the perfect screen as well.

I've read that even with a liquid pad cut in half stacked on top of each other still leaks through.

Id say a copper mesh chore boy would suffice. But I've read that those gunk up too easily and burn.

The best option I think would be what gibran presents in this thread but I can't seem to find it online because the link he provides is outdated. But here's the thread:

I am using liquid pad (purchased from VG store) with a bed of herbs and DMT sprinkled on top of it (the herbs are not necessary but I like it as it keeps the pad cleaner).

Some people use multiple screens (5-6) instead of the liquid pad or just the herbs on normal screen.

Even with the liquid pad, GVG does not work well for me. When it starts vaporizing, I am short of breath because of all the slow air sucking during heatup, then before I catch breath to take a toke, part of the smoke escapes.

I have much stronger and instant results with oil pipe every time but I still believe GVG is more about practice.

I tried 17 mg doses in a group of 4 people. Each had same 17 mg dose from GVG and all of us said it was very mild, almost non-visual. Something is probably wrong with the technique but I don't know what...
Torch lighter=success
Just switched from a bic to torch, an orangeish? Cartoon cat entertained constructing worlds for about 9 mins...amazing difference with only 2 hits.
Yeah I was going to ask if Blue Magic was using a torch.

As weird as it sounds, and again I'm coming from no experience with DMT, I'm guessing it would help to have some experience smoking meth when it comes to getting the vapor going before inhaling. I don't use it anymore but I have in the past. It helps to lightly blow in to get it going, and then inhale when you see vapor.
try a stainless chore boy. Burn it first 'real well' to get the machine oil off it. scrunch up a little chunk for the GVG.
Warm that with a quick lighter flume and place DMT to melt over the surface of the ss. place top on and go....


I've got the same issue, I can't take one big it with the GVG, I always fear I'll burn ùy spice if I heat it too much waiting the smoke to be thick and allow one big it, so in inhale and then I have to take multiply toke : (

also I don't like the volcano liquid pad too much I doesn't appear to allow the dmt to vaporise at the same time uniformly (you know what i mean ?) Result some part could overheat while other are just a the good vaporisation temp.

I wish I could find a way to avoid these issue also It would be perfect if at the end of a session when there is no vapor at the normal distance with the torch ligther mean all the dmt should have been vaped then even if I heat it more no vapor should appear as normaly there is nothing left and mean the GVG is clean for another session.

Thanks for your advice
I stumbled across spice not long ago and this forum helped me a lot in regards of how to smoke. I use a wooden VG with multiple screens, a bed of herbs and a torch lighter. In my first try's the problem was definitely not enough heat. I don't direct the flame onto the ceramic filter, but deep inside the pipe now and have a one hit breakthrough with 30mg constantly the last 5 times, so I guess my technique is ok. This is how I do it:

Meditate (not only to relax and decrease breath frequency, but also to minimize pre flight anxiety)

Have a couple of deep breaths (breathe in your belly first an then the chest, exhale from the chest to the belly)

Take a light and short pull to pre-melt

Exhale completely (literally)

Direct the torch flame deep in the VG (I hold the torch lighter in a 30 degree angle)

Inhale SLOWLY to build up temperature and become quicker if the smoke gets too hot

When your lungs are filled 3/4 remove the lighter and just pull

Lean back, keep the smoke in as long as you can and enjoy your travel

For me it was a real hustle to take two hits, since I either had to exhale (waste) smoke or keep the smoke in long enough and then couldn't really see, where the flame goes in the VG since I already had strong visuals. Being hectic before blowing off was not beneficial for my trips. With one hit breakthroughs I have time to enjoy the process of breaking through and keep a clear mind to remember my intentions before going to the other side.

I hope that helps you guys to have smoother transitions
After a few times messing with my gvg, I have found that a direct approach is a good one. What Gibran says is true, pre melt with either a small pull or by heating the screens. I aim my torch directly into the pipe about 2-3cm above. Take a long pull, pulling more vapor in as it thickens. One hit with 35mg and I was way farther gone than I ever have been.
Such Joy, such passion and such love was found. Thanks all for the sound advice on the quick heating
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