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Gvg with interior ceramic, need help on torch placement

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When I first started I was breaking through 100% for more times than I can count. Original setup was gvg, with liquid pad and a bic lighter. Started to get degrading results so upgraded to a second ceramic filter with pre melted and a torch. I'm still having trouble breaking through now, maybe 1/10 and wasting a lot of product.

My question is about torch flame placement. I've read a bunch of posts but they are all unclear. "Flame a few cm from glass". Meaning what, across the top of the opening? Pointing into it? I can clear the dmt if I blast the inner side of the glass chamber right above the ceramic filter, lots of vapor. But am I overheating the dmt this way this deactivating it? Or is this an ok approach?
Hmm i had a LOT of problems with my GVG when i bought it first. After all happened my scale was broken and i was just puting not enought product. Before also had to replace my ceramic filter as it was also broken (little hole on the side of it).
After fixing everything i smoke all the stuff in one go without any issues. Even all this technique about holding ligther at certain height does not really apply. I just heat shit ton of it until the ceramic filter becomes red (during this i slowly inhale at 5% strenght) and then take the lighter just a little further and keep inhaling at lets say 15%. i start this when i see smoke cumulating.

- never touch glass, only ceramic filter
- you can prehit ceramic filter before putting it into the gvg (gloves)
- you can premelt product into wool before putting filter (not to much heat so it wont start smoking)
So, I can get pretty good rips, way better than before purchasing a second ceramic filter and torch, but overheating isn't a concern? It won't deactivate the dmt? I get way more vapor than I did with the liquid pad and multiple pulls. Just not breaking through as much. I might be building a tolerance.
I doubt the tolerance, don't think its possible. I use the concentrate pad under the Ceramic filter and Like swimer, I point the torch at the filter, NOT the glass, the only difference I suppose would be that only the center of my ceramic filter get red and only slightly, I move the torch to ensure it.

Single pull, if you are not completing you are doing something wrong possibly including small lung capacity.

I do not pre-melt or pre-heat.

Two ceramic filters???? Also GVG sells a concentrate pad not a liquid pad, volcano sells a liquid pad
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