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Happy 420!

Migrated topic.


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I love going hiking on 420, but that didn't happen this year.

Do you guys have any special way you celebrate the holiday?
Found a nice gram of fresh trainwreck machine trim labeled at ~19%THC, took it down to the waterfront and smoked the hell out of it. That's what I did!😁 (Belated 420, is that funny to anyone else?)

We are experiencing a glut of cannabis on the market, so I spent an hour tracking down the best deal for some seriously cheap flower. After getting off the bus three times between the office and home, I settled on the new dispensary two blocks away.

I know source talk is bad, but to illustrate the situation here let's say that buying two, dollar-menu cheeseburgers at SmackDonald's would've been expensive in compare!

I don't usually shop at stores for weed, preferring my grower friends for several (probably obvious reasons) but you really couldn't beat these deals with a stick.
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