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Harmala Tea - Dosage when disintegrated

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Ok hello!

As for Harmala Tea I found this instructions:

For whole seeds: Put 2-3g of Seeds in your hot tea and let it soak. Then filter off the seeds and drink it.

For Harmala-Alkaloids: Put 100-200 mg Alkaloids in the Tea and drink.

2 Questions:

1.) As for the Seeds: Is it meant 3g of CRUSHED seeds or 3g of whole seeds, no further disintegration? Sadly could not verify that.

It's just that I want to be really sure, as completely disintegrated Seed-Dust will end up with a much better solvation of the Alkaloids in the tea, than just throwing in the seeds at a whole and not breaking them at any case (just my assumption so far).

2.) As for Alkaloids: I found this 100-200mg-number in a Thread regarding using the Tea for Mushrooms. Now when I think about Changa, if you have a mixture like this: 1g Herb + 1g Spice + 0,3g Harmalas

then a BIG HIT would be like 100 mg of Changa, which is only like 13 mg of Harmalas.

So do Mushrooms require a much bigger amount of Harmalas or do you need just so little as you SMOKE them and don't take them as a tea? Meaning that to enhance a Mushroom trip with smoked Harmalas then 13 mg would also be enough ?

Most of the harmala alkaloids are in the outer shell of the seed, the core has hardly any actives. Steeping may not be enough, you should boil the seeds three times in fresh water, then combine the three strained boilings and reduce them to a manageable size (about a cup's worth.)

Smoked harmalas require a much lower dose for noticeable CNS effects, because the alkaloids are delivered to the brain first and bypass the initial liver metabolism and subsequent general dilution throughout the body. This means that 10 mg smoked has the same CNS effects as 100 or more mg orally.

Mushrooms do not require harmala alkaloids to be active, but the addition will give some extra potentiation and a noticeable modulation of the effects.
You're right about crushed or powdered seeds deliver more easily. I would never cold soak whole seeds, but for powdered a fridge soak works great (ph 3).
I suppose the 2 to 3 gr advice is from crushed/powdered or a good boil session on whole seeds, with or without multiple washes.
For a short 1 boil on whole seeds maybe a gram more.
Much depend on your sensitivity and how well you go with the side effects (nausea..)
Build up from low.
Happy trials :thumb_up:
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