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Harmalas potentiate Shrooms, but NOT LSD (?)

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I was about to search how much Harmalas would be needed to get an average potentiation of LSD. There I was stumbling across this thread:

And in the 2nd Post it is mentioned that LSD is not potentiated ... later on it's said that it's at least elongated, but the effect itself is not 2x (or whatever) strong.


1. is this correct ?


2. if this is incorrect, what is a convenient amount of harmalas?

I was told that to get the convenient effect for shrooms you would have to take like 200 mg of Harmalas ... also I'd like to get a verification on this number, I would have tried this in combination with LSD just to check if it's true or false myself.

It has potentiated LSD for me, hard to say how much since I never actually know what dose of LSD I am taking considering street drugs/dipping patterns.
Here are two links to reports that testify to the potential of rue to potentiate lysergic acid amides. Caveat emptor. Though it should be noted that both reporters used raw rue seeds as a source of harmalas and one even used raw hawaiian baby woodrose seeds as a source of lysergic acid amides. I strongly advise to preferentially work with purified extracts. First because it makes the dosage much more accurate. Second because the raw plant material brings unnecessary body load and toxicity. I always use purified substances myself (except for shrooms perhaps) and the only negative experiences I had with the combination of lsd and harmalas was due to dietary carelessness, particularly with alcohol.

On Death and Dying
P. harmala (Syrian Rue) & LSD
by Ivan Illyich

My Perception of a Near Death Syrian Rue OD
H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue
by Salviadog

Always be very careful when combining unknowns with harmalas. Start low, work up slowly and carefully and be mindful of unforeseen interactions.
Syrian rue definitely potentiated LSD for me, although I can't say it improved the experience. More than that though it distinctly changed the nature of the trip, it made the experience a lot more intense than the dose otherwise should have been, I took the rue before the LSD with my good friend and long term tripping partner without telling him about my plan, until later. Long story short, as the night wore on he became a little worried about my mental state, I became very manic and hyperactive. The combination felt harder on the body than LSD alone, I got the sense my blood pressure was up and I got very hot. I've combined LSD with B. caapi a few times, taking it a few hours after dosing with the latter, to mostly good effect. Myself and the same friend combined Syrian rue and morning glory seeds a few years previous to this and we both found the combination to be uncomfortable, I had an unpleasant body load with some strange side effects that didn't result in a comfortable experience. So I would advise one to proceed with caution if they wish to experiment with combining Syrian rue with LSD or lysergic acid amides and start off with low doses if they wish to explore this to gauge sensitivity, it mixes better with DMT and mushrooms in my experience, I wouldn't mix them again personally.
IME, harmalas do indeed significantly potentiate LSD, Mescaline, DMT, and Psilocybin/Psilocin containing mushrooms. In each and every trial, they significantly potentiated the psychedelic experience, prolonging effects by upwards of 2-6 hours, as well as smoothing-out and grounding the experiences, serving as guides to harness the psychedelic energy in a manner similar to how the harmalas in an Ayahuasca Analog may guide one through the experience, grounding oneself before the psychedelic thunderstorm and utilizing the energy/light to teach me lessons which would have otherwise remained illegible and unnoticed if they weren't there. When I combined them, I noticed that ~100-200 mg of harmalas with a 100-200 micro-grams of LSD would have the power of a dose twice, if not thrice that, as well as extending the duration from 8-14 hours to ~14-18 hours. Taking ~50-100 mg of the P. Harmala extract the day afterwards seemed to attenuate the burnout/fatigue which I typically experience for a day or two after the experience. This has held-true for experiences with mescaline cacti, too.

In essence, imagine LSD to be a raging thunderstorm/hurricane with lightning running rampantly throughout my body. Harmalas seem to harness the electricity and convert it into a smoothed-out lesson on life.

I have not taken it with MDMA, and hopefully never will (for obvious reasons). Neither have I combined it with any other semisynthetic psychedelic tryptamine/phenylethylamine analogues.

I have noticed that smoalking a harmala-heavy changa blend whilst on 200mg of R-modafinil did not induce any ill effect. When I accidentally ingested a small quantity of harmalas (25-50 mg) 3 hours after taking 30mg of racemic amphetamine sulfate (PO), I didn't notice any ill-effects, nor any indication of a hypertensive crises or serotonin syndrome. Although I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NO ONE COMBINE HARMALAS WITH ANY AMPHETAMINE WHATSOEVER, this accidental combination seemed to produce little more than a slight calming effect, as well as prolonging the effects by 3 hours more so than normal, as well as diminishing the ill effects of the comedown, smoothing-out the decline so as to gently glide back down into my typical scatterbrained mentality in lieu of crashing back into it. I have no intention of EVER combining harmalas with these psycho-stimulants in the future, but was surprised that a these RIMAs didn't induce any of the ill effects commonly observed from these combos.

I hope these experiences help,
There should be concern about combining harmalas with 'LSD' based on the fact that much of the "LSD" on the street is some sort of NBOMe analog these days.
That sounds like a dangerous mix to me, has there been any research on this front?

I would love to try authentic LSD with a THH predose, but I havent seen LSD in years :(
The NBOME wave has largely passed I think, and in any case it is easy to differentiate from LSD by taste. Simple colorimetric testing will confirm if you'd rather not taste it first.
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