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Harmalas + Yopo combination?

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Hi all,
I'm planning to do some yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) in the next few days and I have some questions:
First of all, how safe is the harmala/yopo combination? I have some harmalas that I extracted from syrian rue using the Tao of Rue Extraction tek, and I'm considering using them with the yopo, most likely snorted (the yopo that is, the harmalas would be consumed orally). And, if it is safe, in what dosages? I'm under the impression that the harmalas/bufotenine combo is safe enough, but I'm more concerned about the various other assorted alkaloids. Furthermore, has anybody had any luck smoking either the raw seeds or the basified seed mixture? I've tried this once in the past and got nothing but slight nausea. Is it mostly a matter of reaching a high enough temperature or it something else?

Any insights would be very much appreciated 😁
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