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Harmine + Changa + Bufotenine

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Predosed with Harmine:

Smoked small dose of changa first for warmups which proved to be not too visual.Body and mental effects were their so I ended up packing another small amount.Inhaled with extreme pressure in the chest and held it for as long as possible.The Changa ratio was 1/3 spice.Held a clear quartz crystal which seemed to clear up frequencies and bring high pitched mental awareness.Had visuals of succulants and cacti.Beautiful spiraling yote's.All the paintings in my room became 3dimensional and wavy colours .Had some fear to pass through initially which i think is based on my dietary choices.My diet is definitely effecting the experience and changing it.A really super warm and fuzzy afterglow which lasted about 30 min.Waited until I was back to base so I could have a steady head for the bufo.

Packed an unweighed few mg's of the bufo changa on some herbs:

Smoked the entire thing in a hit.The smoke was clear and easy to hold.Held it for about a minute and let it all go.It proved to be very effective even though it was my second time.This cousin of DMT is super special and doesnt have the staggering mental tweak that spice sometimes gives.It went well with harmine and lasted about 30-40 min in total.Fading in slowly and taking off at a steady pace it felt as if I was in a drumming trans.The visuals were playful and the feeling was of relaxation.It seemed lighter on the body and had visual clarity which I enjoy.It allows you too travel far without feeling like you will be stuck somewhere else.Its almost sedative on the body and mentally it leaves you clear and aware.In tact you can travel and watch as the beauty unfolds.This stuff is super special and I hope to build a strong relationship with it.The afterglow was one that lasted a while while I sat in awe staring at all my plant friends.

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