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Harvesting - How to Remove Phyllodes from Acacia

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Hi everyone, something that i've wanted to ask is what is the best way to take phyllodes from a branch? I've been cutting halfway along the stem, leaving branches with a square edge - not the most prettiest look. Is this the best way?

I make sure to use sterilised secateurs and to harvest conservatively.


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This is a good question I'd like to hear people's thoughts on too.. If a stem has several shoots I will usually prune the tips of the main stem but leave the offshoots to let the plant get more bushy. Doing the other way round I think will increase likelihood of branches coming down in storms/wind.. offshoots will in the long term promote more foliage. Taking offshoots will promote a more linear growth habit.. which will potentially weaken the tree in differen't conditions and provide less foliage for the tryptamine seeker (and for its own health of course).. leading to potentially unethical behaviour with larger branch/trunk. And.. the more branches.. the more seed.. the more seed the less need to harvest from wild trees.. at least that's the way I see it.

I'm glad to see you connecting so much with floribunda.. it really is a magical species..
Good plan guys. I'll focus more on the tips of the main stem in the future and leave the surrounding shoots. I like to try and leave the tree looking as untouched as possible. I was probably cutting a bit too far up the branch in the photo. Hopefully a little pruning will stimulate some more growth.
I think trying to avoid the tree growing so linearly will help strengthen it and boost foliage.. but I'm keen to hear the experiences of others on this one too..

CheeseCat.. I am feeling that you have caught the acacia bug :lol:
I really have. I can't stop thinking about them. I'm not sure how it happened but I'm in DEEP :lol: There's just so much to learn about these trees!
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