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has anyone ever tried this?

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I'm sure we all have had thoughts before, about doing extractions on dead people. But as most of you probably now, you can't just walk into the morgue to ask if they have any dead body's left. So i'm wondering...what if you would go to a hospital and visit the dyimg people ward, i'm sure every hospital has one, and ask those dying people if they would be OK with it if you could have their body, once they're dead?

So maybe most people don't like the idea of anyone doing extractions on them when they're dead, just to obtain some recreational drugs. But if you would just tell them that it is for important medical research to help cure some sick childeren or something, that wouldn't, strictly speaking, be lying, would it? Well, except for the sick childeren i mean.

I can see that maybe some folks wouldn't want the bodies of their loved ones to be used by anyone, just to get high. But that problem would probably go away if you would have some signed piece of paper that says that it was their loved one's dying wish to contribute to this valuable...science blabla stuff. And i mean, they don't realy need to know what you're realy gonna do with the body's of their loved one's, do they?

So i mean, has anyone ever tried this?
Hmmm I think I would rather just grow my own then attempt extraction from dead bodies, I'm not sure anyone has tried this as it seems unnecessarily complicated and ethically questionable, when drugs can be much more easily obtained through other sources. I mean, why bother? I just seems really complicated and strange. Also, what drugs is one hoping to obtain from a dead body?? I'm not sure what you have in mind but our biochemical composition starts to degrade rapidly after death. So your proposition is not only very strange, but highly flawed. As part of his DMT research, Rick Strassman analysed the pineal glands from a number of human cadavers however looking for traces of DMT, but none were found (in no way conclusive, given DMT extremely short half-life in the body beyond trivial trace amounts).
I'm sure we all have had thoughts before, about doing extractions on dead people
Just imagine this becoming the latest trend in extractions.
"Undertaker tek" "Grave defector tek" "coroner´s helper sustainable tek" 8)
so many *facepalm*s...
is the op 10 yrs (or less) old?
aside from a plethora of pretty obvious (but not to anyone?) considerations...
yes some ghouls (the word people is inapplicable here) tried such extractions. they ended up in jail for a really long time. and i hope they stay there for even longer as the documentary i watched about the case years ago was extremely hard to watch, of the kind one cannot unsee, if you get my meaning...
Why waste the resources of extraction on a fully grown dead body when the pineal gland of a child is smaller and more sustainable.
That is so messed up.
I didn't see the words "hypothetically" or "theoretically" anywhere in your post.
If you want to donate your corpse to science for such an experiment, feel free.
I'm sure there is at least one other wingnut out there who shares your dedication to exploring new extraction techniques.
I guess you're referring to dmt. I wouldn't think there would be much return. Really the only thing I could think of that would have a semi decent return and also not be something you could get out of a plant is adrenaline. I hear people ingest that under not so culturally accepted circumstances. I'm not really sure of anything else you could pull chemically speaking.

That said, I was listening to a radio show and the topic of receding gum lines came up and how they fix that. Apparently you have two options, they can cut strips off the roof of your mouth and graph or use flesh from a cadaver.:surprised

The thought of having another dude's mouth in my mouth is a little unsettling, so I'm wondering what the thoughts would be whilst ingesting said human chemicals. Seems eeewwey to me. I just imagine dmt from a brain would be different than from a plant in some way. Maybe not but just knowing it was someone elses brain juice would set me up for having a twisted bad trip.

I also see myself bugging myself out thinking the person would haunt me and since they're now in my brain it would be a perfect scenario for an Edgar Allen Poe type of going insane overtime. A gradual descent into madness. A good movie plot perhaps.
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