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Has anyone had bunk caapi that came as whole vine?

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I recently aquired some really great looking red whole vine from hawaii, but i have yet to have the chance to try it out. Right now im working through some shredded yellow caapi that i havent been amazed with, but i feel this other vine looks very promising and i would like to try and stock up while i can as its not a bad price. I believe its said to be 7 years old, has anyone ever had whole vine they went through shredding themselves to brew and ended up having it not work?

My alternative option is to not worry about the supplier running out, and just go through a well known vendor instead for some cielo perhaps, though this would mean more expensive and having to go through customs, i know its worth it but if caapi is caapi and as long as it is what its supposed to be it tends to be good i would rather go the path of least resistance.

This is the vine in question


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I personally always want whole vine , I like the process of soaking and macerating it myself . It makes me feel a probably made up, but I don't really care , relationship with the vine and ceremonial side of it . Nice looking vine. Would love to have that REMOVED :thumb_up:
I totally get that! This will be my first time working with whole vine but i feel it has a very different air too it almost as if it could still be full of life and energy while the shredded doesnt seem to have the same presence. Ill definitely come back and speak on what i think about it once ive tried it.
Jump on the whole vine sections for sure.

I found a good way to prep it was to set up the slow cooker and cook until ready, while you are at work or asleep it is still doing its thing with no safety concerns and you get a good long stew to soften up the dry vine.

Try smoking some dry vine shavings as well, a cheese grater works for that.
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