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has anyone tryed rue extract...with salvia?

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i know someone who has tryed salvia tincture 30 minutes after taking 100mgs of rue extract...

He says its quite nice !

I guess the rue slows down or melows out the salvia tincture some...?
I have heard it is synergistic, ie:

I have had good experiences smoking 50-75 mg of harmala extract (standard Syrian Rue acid/base technique) prior to smoking Salvia. It definitely boosted it by 2X and extended the later stages of the zone for me. I also noticed that my body relaxed into it and was more allowing of her grace with the tranquilizing effect of the harmala. Good mix for sure... ~1997

[Author's Note 2002: Looking back on this, I would describe it now with the term "synergistic", rather than "boost" or "potentiate". While the effects of the salvia felt stronger than S. divinorum alone, changing the experience and extending it, I would not say that it simply 'boosted' the effects.]

but i dont know why seeing as there are no amino groups in Salvinorins. Salvinorin is a trans-neoclerodane diterpenoid. 'MAOi inhibit the action of enzymes that oxidize compounds containing one amino group (as the name MAO suggests). Serotonin, psilocybin(check out the sig and find the aminogroup) and DMT are such monoamino compounds and they bind to synapse receptor therefore exerting their effect (I think they have stimulatory effect). Salvinorin A on the other hand is not an alkaloid=> no nitrogen=> no amino groups. This means that salvinorin A is not affected by the presence of MAO. Therefore MAOi should not have any relevance to the effects of salvinorin A. However, I don't say that there is abs no relevance between MAOi and effects of salvinorin A. Things are usually not as straightforward as I said...meaning that there is a shit load of cross-reactions and interactions between seemingly unrelated pathways. But if I have to bet my money on it I'd say that MAOi shouldn't alter the effects of salvia.'

some shroomery reading:

IMO the salvinorin is just a trigger squeezer
The KOR receptors are in neural pathways that must briefly condition the Basal ganglia to increase feedback. this elongates the fadeout of signals arizing in the brain (through the ganglia) so that multiple layers co-exist - multiple realities - more than one time at the same time, trails etc.

the feedback from Trypts and Phenylethylamines is insitu - more direct in the cortex, i.e. feedback between the basal ganglia and the cortex is sustained by a more active cortical side. In this case adding the MAOI floods synapses with the amines, kind of like SSRI's flood synapses with serotonin by working on the active synaptic sites for the particular incoming signals.

the salvinorin effect seems to be more by indirect proxy wiring than by direct chemical adjustment to synapses involved in feedback of any fading momentary experience.

finding something that keeps the salvinorin key in it's KOR lock might not be such a great thing. the short intense trips are unique and often quite adequate for life. Other medicines exist for longer stays in a more vibrant feedback state.

MAOIs will make your salvia trip much longer and easier to understand. If you cannot afford to be using that much of the vine for salvia trips try tribulis:

YA it works better than you can imagine. DOnt take my word for it.
Take as little as 3 grams of rue and in 45 min-hour later, chew a quid and smoke some salvia leaf. Youll be In a whole different dimention. Really though, beware, as much as some might have said to lead you to believe that this doesnt work well, they are wrong and also, this is not by any means a traditional ayahuasca prep. If I could think of one substance that would vastly change the outcome of even a full(DMT/MAOI) prep., it would be readministered salvia smoke / quids.
BE really fucking careful, it works, really fucking well.

i once smoked ground syrian rue, then smoked salvia 20 minutes or so later. The effects lasted a lot longer than usually, around a 20 minutes trip, and i seemed to be more conscious of the trip. Usually salvia takes me to a place where i don't perceive myself at all, but i was more aware of what was going go whilst still being heavily under the spell of sally d.
Both psychoactives goes well together. actually harmalas also is nice with cannabis. Of course they don't need MAO inhibtion but still, good synergy or combo there.

Salvia divinorum and Syrian rue, caapi or harmalas is a very good mix. maybe one of the best salvia admixture.
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