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Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall!

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Hello and thank you for reading, I’m here to talk about my first experience with dmt. I had some drinks with a friend and they asked if I wanted to try. Took a hit and saw the strings everyone says they see. I recall them looking dark blue and red and waited. 10 or so minutes passed by and I took 4 more big hits and stood up and got very worried and the next thing I know I’m blacked out and I’m thinking about every bad decision in my life and what my family is going to think when they found out I died because of a substance and the last thought on my mind was never seeing my brother again and I felt a surge of energy, saw a whitish blue light and was shot out of my body it felt like and I ended up what looked to me as heaven.

The sky had geometric patterns with clouds and everything had sort of a red, blue and gold tint to it. Then a man who looked like me but middle age and in some sort of armour came to me and told me “ you’re f*** r****ded!” Which is something I usually tell people when they make a mistake. On top of it all we communicated through telepathy. The man or as I called it my “higher self” kept speaking then trip started fading and as it did his words turned into a very different language and what appeared to be green rubber snakes came out of his mouth. I kept trying to talk the whole experience but the words seemed to just fall to the ground everytime I tried my best to make out some words.

When my trip was said and done I was convinced I was dead for a few seconds but after it kicked in it was just a trip I ran outside and jumped in the snow taking in the landscape, appreciating every small aspect of life. It didn’t change my ways fully (not that I’m evil) but it did put me in a new perspective of learning and looking at life. I’ve also noticed ever since my trip, I smell and taste it randomly. I also started having more vivid dreams. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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