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Have I been implanted by aliens?

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A few of you guys were talking about implants and the like on the is DMT safe thread safe but thought id share my experience anyhoo. I was on MDMA and after past success with that combined I tried it again, even though ive had great experiences im still anxious dunno when ill get rid of that! :roll: The first experience was very little and quick, I closed my eyes and it was as if there was this female entity pushing a pram she looked like a power puff girl with a huge grin then like her baby jumped out of her pram and shot off to space and shot back to the pram and she goes oh dont mind him hes just showing off to you, or maybe its me she said laughing then shes created all these crazy visuals and was poking her head and eyes out of them and sticking her tounge out and laughing, I thought this was great but then it went away as quickly as it happened. After that I probably tripled the amount, dont have scales so not sure, wasnt much though, think the MDMA does something tbh. After my third toke it was going quite scary physically and visually, closed eyes though, then I thought why be scared then all of a sudden it was as if I was floating in space and these two gorgeous like unbeleivably beautiful pixies wearing like a blue and red pvc dress type thing in a car like something out of the jetsons drove up with no top on the car and they were really happy that theyd found me and found it comical that I found them so gorgeous, it was as if they were teenagers or something and they were talking amongst themselves and it was as if one of them went to the other do that to him and I felt like I mind melded with them and felt all these amazing emotions, they in turn found that really funny again and were laughing then it was as if I agreed to go with them and I went through this tunnel and all of a sudden it was as if I was standing on a production line of sorts on the outside of a space station and there was loads of activity down below, I felt quite paranoid and uneasy but then the gorgeous space pixies filled me with reassurance and good thought then really quickly this tall dangle aline space cow thing appeard and quickly examined me like looking at me then he put his long fingers on each side of my head and it was as if loads of strands came out of each of his leathery fingers and went right through my brain from either side it felt quite strange :lol: then it was as if moved down this line but I was upright then something else done something similiar it could have been a machine like adding more of these strands to the ones already there and at the same time it was as if I was being scanned by a red laser thing, it was as if i could see this happening to my head while it was happening, and at the same time as this was going on it was as if something at my right was eating at me and it felt really warm and wet and very good almost inscectoid the way it was gnawing at me and it was as if i let go and came out of it it was as if they knew thy didnt have much time and also as if they knew I could just leave if I wanted to as I said it wasnt much at all compared to what Ive had before I think its the MDMA helping me have some sort of control to pull back maybe and I think they werent finished cos I did pul back or something, when I did this it was as if I came backwards through loads of different doors metallic like and tunnel like at the same time, then it was as if I was moving downwards and I could see this like space pod thing with a small humanoid thing standing next to it, like the outside of the space station and that was me leaving, i then opened my eyes, and like popped my ears and when I done that I heard like a metal click in my ear then my throat then 4 in the centre of my chest very strange, still had lots of visuals and stuff but I was back. When I woke up the next morning I had a pain in a muscle at the back of my neck for a few days, maybe they implanted me!! lol A few days later I was reading the Crystal Bible and the the first thing I seen in the glossary was an energy implant :shock: As someone was saying in is DMT safe thread these nice things could be manifesting as nice things to do bad things to you, though I still seen it as a good experience they pixies were the most gorgeous thing ive ever sen lol just a bit strange!! lol Peace and Love
It's far fetched but why not? But most likely you wont find any physical implant in your body. People are just so much obsessed with the physical world to obtain a ''proof'' of reality that it is laughable. But what i personaly think, for what it is worth, is that the implant thing is in our mental world. I mean, it influences us on our body and mind, but it originate from the hyperspace. It comes from ''deeper''. I think that seeing this like some separate relity is a mistake. To me, it really is one big thing. We definitivly live in a strange scary world. Edit - You should read John Mack - passport to the cosmos. John Mack is one of the few abduction researcher that is not a complete lunatic. He thinks that the abductions are in some kind of mind parralel dimension. He makes the correlation between ayahuasca and theabduction thing. He is [i:8361768d16]de conivence[/i:8361768d16] with stanislav grof. Great read!
There was a insect chewing at you and you thought this was a good experiance huh?? See they used the lure, the beautiful cartoony lil bubble gum stuff, in this case to hot cosmic chicks to take you deeper where the real shit is going on behind the scenes. These fuckers were probably rewiring your dna or something, thats what the strands going into your brain sounds like. And notice they never ask permission, they just do it? That's a big sign that they don't give two shits about you really, it's all business when their rewiring and tampering with your soul, assholes. Oh yeah and those layers of fractal doorways you were going through? That in my opinion is your soul going deeper into the fractal or deeper into the microcosm, thats were all this stuff is in. We are in the atomic realm and this is why our instruments can't detect all this stuff yet, it's on a deeper plane, like the quark plane or even deeper and only the brain is sensitive to pick it up. We can detect individual quarks atm but not the plane as a whole, if we could we would see these other dimensions. My personal pet theory and it's TRUE! :p
Litrium : Interesting but i dont think it's atomic or anything. Ancient religious thinkers were speaking with metaphors and such. Andi think that while [i:980fbe7b18]trying[/i:980fbe7b18] to explain all of this, we are using whatever stuff that comes in our minds. Like in the movie '' the matrix '', or the valis movie inthe valis book by PKD. Too weird for us to process, so without using storys andmetaphors, we get lost. We cannot even explain it, hell, I cant even -think- of it. :S '' Itwas technological man, like going through the universe at hyperspace warp speed and the landing room looked like a spaceship!!!! '' ;)
Allright guys sorry for the late reply my internets been off. Ill check out that john mack when I get a chance sounds interesting. The inscet at the side of me well it felt like an inscet the way it was gnawing at me I didnt really see it I was kind of watching my head while they were doing things to it, and at the same time being gnawed at by this thing and it felt really warm and wet almost sexual, felt good, though as you say they didnt ask my permission they just did it quite fast and i thought this was cool cos the space pixie things were reassuring me but then a few days later I said what if these things are manifesting as nice things to trick you into going with them to do shit to me. Im starting to freak out after that reply litrium lol like why would things rewire dna?? whats the point and actuall what is rewiring dna? or what would happen to me if my soul was tampered with ? pretty mental stuff!! :shock: Oh and sgt wow they were much nicer looking than that one had a red like pvc mini dress and the other had a blue one they had big tits gorgeous legs were just the opitimy of sexiness like ridiculously gorgeous teenage pixies they were the most beautiful things ive ever seen!!! think ill be a bit more wary now though of who I agree to go off with Im starting to think I have been tricked by them but afterwards I was like that was amnazing now im not too sure :?
Well I personally don't trust insects, especially spiders, they just look fuckin evil, I mean look at a preying mantis or a scorpian or centipede. Theres something really alien and otherwordly and hostile about those bastards, but that's just me..lol. And an insect was gnawing at you. You see, that can't have been a good thing. As for the DNA thing, that could have been anything and maybe it wasn't DNA but they were definetley doing something to you. That's just it, this stuff is way over our heads, it's like a dog entering a high tek computer complex and then the dog has to explain it too the other dogs in his pack when he comes back, he can't cause he's not able too, the consciousness gap is too huge. In my opinion DMT is a hyperspace transport key but the travel destination is very very random.
my advice to you mate = take three large tokes of insect spice and get your ass back to hyperspace and kick some insect ass........lol i know easyer said than done,but you know what they say about falling off horses and that. :lol:
I know what you mean about inscets being evil and stuff but after it I thought it had been great but in hindsight after what you said litrium bout DNA being rewired thats got me kind of paranoid, also yesterday I was actually reading in David Ickes tales from the time loop about the annunaki rewiring DNA to keep us in this five sense world, what if that alien cow thing was taking away my possible psychic abilities?? lol Also after thinking about that cow it could have been a type of inscet thing it did have two arms and two legs though but its eyes were very small black almost inscet like, but it did seem to have fur. Afterwards though I thought it had been amazing but then again as you said they didnt ask permission they just did it. Also im sure in strassmans the spirit molecule a guy goes to some sort of inscet hive and is given a tour by a giant bee and he gave the inscets a positive slant lol I agree with your point litrium that it is very random I hardly ever get the same trip its always different things different entities though I always seem to think its positive even the scary ones dunno why, and I do plan on doing it agaoin shansuke just when I first made it I was taking it practically every weekend now ive only took it 3 times in the last 2-3 months think ive been scared straight though the last 2 experiences afterwards were amazing now though im not too sure lol No Surrender n that :lol:
Hiya II, managed to get registered here at last. interesting what you say about the pixies. have you read Graham Hancock's 'supernatural'? he talks about them and their connection to halucinegenic use and abductions too. :)
think about this. when you enter hyperspace your physical body is still on earth. it is your "counsciousness unit" that travels. Those bugs were eating at your cousciousness. may have been a way to incorporate the experience of your brain being damaged into an experience you could understand. maybe. btw ive seen the powerpuff girls on acida along with homer simpson
Funny you should mention the whole bit about being bugged and having dna altered. i too have experienced this, and along with another friend have woken with a small pimple or pinhole in the back of my neck. my friend has also independently reported this. maybe just coincidence?
I respect your view but what would be the result of this alteration? I seriously doubt theres reason to worry. By smoking dmt anyway you are consenting to entities doing what they like to you. :D
Maybe hyperspace is the dimension between the singularity and human physical existence and dmt helps us peak into this membrane?
In all of our visions maybe there is messages we wont understand until we actually travel there on our final journey where we reach the next transition.
Funny this thread has bene bumped I actually posted this on another forum, maybe why lol

bonestoner said:
think about this. when you enter hyperspace your physical body is still on earth. it is your "counsciousness unit" that travels.

Im pretty sure its your etheric body, which many astral projectors talk about. Its like a carbon copy of yourself that can travel the astral.

Funny you should mention the whole bit about being bugged and having dna altered. i too have experienced this, and along with another friend have woken with a small pimple or pinhole in the back of my neck. my friend has also independently reported this. maybe just coincidence?

A friend of mines who does astral projection has said while hes been dreaming both him and his wife have come back with actual physical changes on occasion. Might be kind of similiar to what can happen to some people with multiple personality disorder where when there personality changes they actually change physically, birth marks, moles, features etc.

I respect your view but what would be the result of this alteration? I seriously doubt theres reason to worry. By smoking dmt anyway you are consenting to entities doing what they like to you.

About 6-8 months after this experience a psychic told me I had indeed been implanted not only then but 4 other times which i have no recollection of. He told me their nothing too serious but would mess up my energy body/etheric body/ and my auric field and I dont really want that. He said one was to track me when I re-entred hyperspace and that could make things turn ugly and another was too hinder my psychic abilities. He told me he got that the earth angels were willing to work with me now and in the future and I was to ask them to remove the implants and they would, so i did :lol:

But your totally right DreaMTripper by smoking it it is like giving consent, but that time it was as if they just done it without asking after filling me with love, using these feeling to put me at ease so I wouldnt make it difficult for them I also felt I could have got out of it by making it difficult. I still wonder if they were actually who they made out at the start. I posted in another thread here id read somewhere that an old alien technology is one of scanning your brain too see what we like then using that to manipulate us, and what do we like most?? Sex and love!!

Afterwards it was whaall that was amazing, usual after glow, but then a few days later its like wtf, such is life lol
Man I swear ive seen these pixies once on a high dose of psilocybin. I was playing my djembe along with my firend who is an amazing guitarist. We packed up all of his looping equiptment and sound fx devices and went to his gf family cabin on the ocean and jammed through the trip inthe darkness and it got so intense at one point this group of pixies broke out of hyperspace(or we broke in:d), and began swirling around in this magical dance with the music. It was baeutiful. Another time i was totally shroomed on the floor in myroom lying in the darkness and these 3 pixies came before and began singing something about how we as humans need to reinvoke a sense of purpose within our mythology, like it was crucial for us. Ive thought about this alot and it makes so much sense. Take the big bang for instance, its basically a creation myth, but its devoid of meaning for us really. Most scientists jsut explain it as an explosion that happened which brought about rapid expansion and states of seperation which eventually brought about life as the universe cooled down and things such as particles formed. I realized that it wasnt the theory that was wrong, BUT THE WAY THEY EXPLAIN IT. Like we came out the dead universe, destined to be absorbed back into the dead universe once again. Thats societies current creation myth. I truely believe that thats what these pixies where trying to get across. I have no quarrels with the fact of the matter science, but the view points many get fromthese theories or "myths" seem to leave a lot of impressionable minds completely disenchated with the entire universe around them.

Dont know if what im trying to say makes much sense to anyone reading this, but for me this really helped change my perspective on what needs to be done. I had a whole new respect for the stories and mythologies of other cultures i was learning about in my anthroplogy classes simply becasue of the important sense of unity and purpose they instill.

Oh and these pixies were the most beautiful female beings I have ever layed eyes upon:lol:
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