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Have you ever felt like it was all to much? What happend then?

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What has happened in the past when you experienced something that was just too much for you to handle?

I have been getting feelings of being overwhelmed lately by receiving intensely deep information when I am sober and has only started occurring after I started trying DMT.

When I research things like how big the universe is, how much time has passed since earth began, thinking about what it would be like to know in 5 seconds you are going to die. It sort of makes me feel like I am not going to be able to handle it and my adrenaline shoots up. It is not just that my adrenaline shoots up, I start to feel weird in my mind like it is glitching and I am about to go in to shut down mode. Do you think it is more likely I would pass out or have a seizure?
When I tell people my story about my first DMT flash, which was technically an overdose, and was more traumatic than anything I've ever gone through, I get PTSD like physical distress, my energy shoots up, I get hyper, shaken, my palms sweat, my eyes become dilated, and an intense anxiety fills my body...

Something similar happens before I'm about to take a hit...

Maybe some PTSD like anxiety?

...This is just a guess, I really don't know, but can kind of relate.

Yes, i've had moments that it was all too much. Several times.

Sometimes it helps to take a psychedelic again, as fast as possible. Sometimes you just need to take some time, integrate. It depends on your situation.

The most important thing, i think, is discipline. Discipline in your daily life and activities. It is especially helpfull to have some physical activity, running, walking, rockclimbing, whatever. It helps to put things in perspective and to get some grip on yourself.

If you've never had seizures before, i don't see why that would suddenly become an issue.

Don't worry too much. And be well.
Not saying you want to overdo it, but I think your brain can handle more intense experiences than it tends to lead on. I've had experiences that have involved such high levels of bliss, that I wouldn't even consider fathomable. I remember commenting on how it felt like humans weren't meant to feel bliss on such a grand scale - that no emotion/sensation could possibly run so deep, yet there I was experiencing it, and though it was overwhelming to some extent, I made it through just fine. Now granted, I just gave you a rather positive example, but I've experienced similar effects on less positive emotions, and I make it through. I don't pass out. It's just intense. Something you should account for is that if they throw the size of the universe your way, your perspective will accommodate to be on a universal scale. DMT has a way of showing very deep things, while making it all seem somehow natural.
We are all trying to condense infinity into this dimension through the 5 senses.
We forget that we are indeed fractions of an infinite whole.
Too much time spent in the ego will cause fear to arise when we are reminded of infinity.
Too much time spent in the infinity will cause apathy to arise when we are reminded of our ego.
Psychedelics don't dissolve boundaries. They just remind us that there truly are none.
Stay doughy...


chop wood and carry water.

What could happen? Over-stimulation of the brain in unusual patterns is usually known to result in seizure not fainting. But people can actually faint from fear or the feeling of horror, this is known as vagal nerve fainting.


Do you really want to find out?

Worst case scenario you could have an underlying mental disorder and yet you don't know it and then you wind up spending the rest of your life in a mental institution because you can no longer see reality the way you did and can no longer respond to it in the way you did.

Best case scenario, well... just read Global's post again :d

I've had experiences that have involved such high levels of bliss, that I wouldn't even consider fathomable

I guess it might depend on a few things:

the state if your brain health

what the cause of your fear is

the nature of the stimulus causing you to freak out (if it was bizarre, insane, complex & psychedelic information then to me it would seem more likely to result in a seizure ((did you know de ja vu is like a mini-seizure in the temporal lobes?)) but if it was just say purely based on fear or shock then it may be more likely to a vagal nerve faint)

However that is just speculation! What it really is could be many different things or a combination of those things. However what you describe has been known to be shared with psychedelic users before, especially ones that aren't used to it or haven't learned how to deal with it or are just plain not able to handle it ever. I have heard others say on here that some people just should never take psychedelics. I am not sure whether that is the case with you but it may be otherwise. At the end of the day, it will be your choice whether or not you go through with it.

If you do decide to continue then I suggest just taking some very minute doses at first 1-5mg and see if anything weird starts to happen once you are sober again. If it is fine then go 5-10mg etc. Goodluck :thumb_up:
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