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Heck yeah! My new cact arrived!

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Thanks all

cruetmixer, no worries at all, glad the thread can serve for you too!

teotenakeltje, I live in Spain, so its quite hot here. It's a mediterranean climate, though I'm in a valley so in winter it does occasionally get to frosting temperatures at night but not too cold.

I am growing 2 baby peruvianus from seeds, I got as a gift from STS, and also just started germinating the peyotes. I'd like to start more from seed but Im out of seeds at the moment.

WAP, here are the flower shop San Pedro close up pics, watcha think, PC or maybe I got lucky? (they are both same cact, the top is the one that broke off from the big one during transport to new house)


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Sorry for the flood... but I'm posting more pics now, just want to use this thread for reference in some months/years to see how much the cact have grown, in case I cant find the pics again.

I stuck a good portion of the cact on the ground, so you can see that from 40+cm some are now more like 30cm above ground.

The small san pedro from matucana has a rib that dissapears, I hadnt seen that in pedros yet, how common is it?

As for the neglected pedro, it seems to be growing roots on both ends.. So I guess it doesnt matter much which side I put in, right?


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Ohh, it looks like you might have gotten lucky with the pach. :)

The new big one with the flower looks like it might be a hard grown PC, but the first two pics def don't look PC. Nice score!

You probably still want to plant the distressed pach either right side up or on it's side log style. Upside down probably isn't a good long-term plan.
Continuum said:
Ohh, it looks like you might have gotten lucky with the pach. :)

The new big one with the flower looks like it might be a hard grown PC, but the first two pics def don't look PC. Nice score!

I agree. I think you got non-PC's. Luckily we both know someone who's a master with Thin Layer Chromatography 😁 :thumb_up:
*wap is secretly awaiting a TLC Cacti TEK from endlessness* :p

The Monstrose cutting looks like it may be going to a crest! They do that sometimes. Time will tell.

Also, the sunburned one should be just fine. It has roots popping out already! It should recover quickly. Old cuttings with root buds already showing tend to root faster than new cuttings. As Continiuum said, are you sure it's planted right-side up? I cannot tell by the v-notches and areoles. You could plant it upside down but they're usually better off if they're planted right side up. And either way, the log-style potting will be a sure win.

Sometimes pup cuttings are smaller at the bottom and larger at the top, so you might have it upside down.

The small san pedro from matucana has a rib that dissapears, I hadnt seen that in pedros yet, how common is it?

Pedros can change the number of ribs. It's fairly common, especially if it was a pup cutting or grown from seed. Tip and mid cuttings usually maintain the number of ribs.

Cacti Hugs,
I think its a true pachanoi also, looking closely. It looks like there are visible V notches above the areoles, which you wouldn't see on a PC.

Can you tell what color the hairs on the flower are?
He posted a picture in chat of a bud with mostly white hairs but they appeared black at the base... I have no idea, what that means since Ive never seen any of my trichs flower yet.

Taxonomy is a lot of confusing bs anyway, You have a beautiful cacti! You could always try it at some point.
Hey guys!

So I just had a friend over, she is moving elsewhere and left her cact so I can take care of them, so family is getting bigger :)

Below is a pic of all the cact together...

A question though, she had two cacti that had some problems.. One had been left in the dark for long and was growing this weird thin whitish top, and growing roots in different parts of the cact. I just put a big part of it under the earth leaving some of the cact with the top whitish part above ground, and now in a mix of sunlight and shadow. Is that ok?

And another of the cact had some sort of... I dont know, fungus? growing over it.. Can I do anything, or will this heal by itself? Is there a danger this will contam the other cact? Pics below.


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The etoliated one will grow normally eventually... shade is the right strategy. Unnecessary/above ground roots will die back and the new growth will eventually be thick and green. You may need to prune some of the messed up parts back after its established to keep the unhealthy parts from collapsing under the weight of thick new growth.

The other cactus looks like it just has some scarring. Are the white spots like hard scabs?
New pics!

Flowering pedro, oh what a beautiful flower!

And second pic is that cact that was quite whiteish from being in the dark, the second pic in my last post, check out how much it is growing and how green it got now!

And third pic is the whole collection.

Fourth pic is a peyote from a friend, asked me to see whats up with it, he is thinking it might be sunburned, do you guys agree? Should I just put it in the shade, or is there anything else I need to do?


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Beautiful looking collection, Endlessness! Nice work!

The yote might be sunburned (they definitely are filted light plants since they grow in underbrush), but it might be mite damage or something too. Hopefully someone can clear that up for you.

Take care!
A year after the first pics:

(Hopefully the boars wont break any in 3 parts again and I can keep them all in the same spot so the pictures will be easier to compare :| )

The bigger ones have grown 20-35cm in the last year.. Not sure how long it took for them to properly root in the first place, but I expect this year they will grow quite a bit more.
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