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The article below discusses microdosing with various compounds, it's not really professional, but it's good insight into microdose consumption
My Year in Productivity While Microdosing
Mushrooms. 2C-B. Focalin. Marijuana. Alcohol. I experimented with them all.

Recently I have been doing a good deal of research involving neurotransmitter similar compounds, mostly phenethylamine and tryptamine molecules, one of my key interests is in using these molecules as nootropics or "smart pills", I bring this up because many of the goals of microdose consumers are similar to the goals of those exploring nootropic substances, generally people want to improve focus, memory, creativity, productivity, performance, and so on...

2,5-dimethoxy-4-methyl-phenethylamine was explored by Darrell lemaire and his "research group" as a potent nootropic with promising results, lemaire published the results of his research, access to this publication can be found in the following link: Certain Exotic Transmitters as SMART PILLS or Compounds that Increase the Capacity for Mental Work in Humans link

There are also several other related phenethylamines which are thought to improve focus, creativity, productivity, inspiration, memory, and performance, these compounds are said to act as "insight enhancers", and of coarse can function as psychedelics...

Any way, welcome, I apologize for the load of potentially off topic information.

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