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Hello all

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Rising Star
I just wished to drop a little introduction and thanks for the availability of this website as both a resource and community.

I am the 'odd' one out I guess among friends/acquaintance in real life. Most people I interact with are either completely against or shy to drugs. Those that are inclined only smoke weed and/or occasionally take more 'party' type drugs like MDMA/cocaine. EVERYONE seems to like drinking and though I will drink 1-2 month, it has little appeal to me. Mention mushrooms and its like NO WAY I don't want to go crazy! Or equally silly is someone that took them and decided strolling around in a busy public place was a good idea and decided they 'weren't for them'. Ultimately I understand that psychedelics are not for everyone, but its frustrating to not be able to share that experience with people IRL. High school was the last time I got to trip/share with others. Whats funny is I actually prefer mostly to be alone while going on my journeys.

In any case I feel this forum will be a good outlet to learn, share, and converse on a variety of topics. I have yet to take DMT, but all the ingredients are coming together and hope to be taking that journey soon.

Four Statues
Hey Four_Statues,

The nexus is the place odd people connect with each other, so you are where you belong 😁

You are right in saying that too often the reputation of some psychedelics is twisted in a negative way not due to the substances themselves, but rather the end user not generating enough respect and a proper attitude towards the experiences these tools offer. Then again not all tools are meant to be wielded by everyone.

You'll find that the nexus is the perfect place to engage in discussions about your favourite psychedelics. It also provides a vast spectrum of data on the subject and it keeps growing every day.

Welcome onboard and travel safe :thumb_up:
I share your sentiments on being surrounded by people who aren't into or shun some of the things you may venture into as well as liking a good solo trip adventure. It can be pretty hard to find people to talk about these things with. Hope we are able to alleviate some of that stress for you, I think that's why a lot of us end up here. I know it is why I am here.

Here's to the future and hoping that all your travels are safe :thumb_up: be seein ya'
I have been called the 'Shaman' of my group many times over the years. It is what it is. Some of us like to explore our minds and others do not. Each to their own I suppose. They don't understand me and I don't understand them. They get drunk and act like fools while I sit and watch amusingly drinking lemon ice tea. I don't like being drunk but it is very funny to watch others. I seriously doubt any of these types of drinkers would take much from psychedelics. It takes a certain mindset. Glad to meet another person of this particular mindset. I, too, feel there are some kindred spirits here at this nexus site.
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