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Hello beautiful people. I'd like to introduce myself to this community.

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Hello everyone! As I can only post in the welcome area I might as well introduce myself and how I got to where I am today with psychedelics.

It all started when I was 17 (28 now) I never did any drugs in school, I'm a non smoker but something drew me to Psychedelics. A good friend came back from a trip to Amsterdam and told me all about his psilocybin mushroom experience and really peaked my interest.
At this time in my life fresh mushrooms were legal to buy here in the UK so one day after college I bought myself 20g equadorian strain fresh and took them at a friend's house.

I was gobsmacked how I could experience what I did and see the world through a whole different perspective. Ever since then it has been a great interest of mine. I did mushrooms a few times until in 2005 I believe it was that mushrooms were made illegal over here and I have not done them since. A few years pass and I got into legal highs which quickly got banned but I managed to grab myself some 1P-LSD which turned out to be a pretty identical experience to lsd-25.

Now I can't remember exactly how I heard or came across DMT but I ended up researching people's experiences for a couple of years until I decided I needed to try it for myself. It's not something I could get from a local dealer so I came across cybs hybrid ATB salt tek on here and decided to extract myself. I'm glad I did in the end because it all became a part of the ritual for me to experience DMT.

My yeild didn't turn out the best, it turned out that I had used too much heat throughout the process and I ended up pulling alot of the plant fats. BUT I did have product to use. I ended up making myself the 'machine' as I don't have any other apparatus. The experience was like nothing I ever thought it would be. I came back and all I could say was HOLY SHIT THAT WAS REAL?! And I had to go back. I had a very intense breakthrough that I forgot most of the details as you do but I never went back for over a year. Although I did think about it almost daily!

Fast forward to a few days ago I thought it was time to extract again, learning from my previous mistakes I ended up with a nice 750mg of clean DMT crystals. I was buzzing for it.

I wanted to do it this time on acid as I hear it makes it easier to break through and then remember details after and my god that was right! I ended up making a trip report on Reddit while still on the comedown of 200ug before I forgot most the details. If you are interested I could post you the link. This turned out to be the most beautiful DMT experience ever.

I wanted to join this community to read more on people's experiences and spirituality bas Reddit only has so much to offer me.

Hope I didn't bore you but just wanted to give a small introduction to my psychedelic history and say hi to all!

Oh and does anyone know if there is a way I can view this site a bit easier for mobile? The writing is very small and I have to zoom in and scroll left to right to see each post properly. Thanks!
Welcome and nice intro :)

Yeah smoking dmt during lsd is beautiful and seems to add itself over the layer/s of the lsd experience. It's hard to describe, though for me they went together very well. Vaping dmt right at 4th hour or so of lsd almost gave me zero hesitation when picking up the pipe, it was pretty much effortless. :p
Hi DeadMansTetris_ :)

Best I've been able to manage with the site on mobile is turning the screen sideways and tapping on the text part of the posts. Still tiny, but it's readable without having to scroll back and forth

Nice to meet you!
Hello DeadMansTetris_ and everyone else,

It's nice to "meet" you all :) I am also new here and I hope to learn more about this life journey with the help of DMT. My interest in psyhedelics came from a book called "The Holographic Universe" many years ago when I was just 14 and since then it has always been on my mind.

I am looking forward to discuss the topic and share my experiences freely!
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