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Hello beings of light

Migrated topic.


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Well I'm not to sure where to start.

I came to understand many back rounds. Came to find out that i also helped many that where in need and i didn't even noticed. Just being misunderstood. I helped many homeless people that came by to our apt's and would give them food and blankets even when we needed them because i though what if one day i was like that due to the fact that i lost myself. i would try to look perceive myself in their shoes even know it wasn't really possible but some what of understanding is.

I would Enjoy football, basketball, some baseball and love paintball. Also was learning Java and C++ During my HS times. Was always trying to understand religion and would get confused I came to and believe that they all come down to 1 thing and it is love

-El Moro.
PS. Love, Unity
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