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Hello everyone! Great to be here!

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Good evening!

I recently joined the nexus and have been holding off to write my introduction.

First off, thank you all for your contributions, wisdom, and guidance!
The nexus offers a wonderfully vast collection of knowledge that I am very grateful for.

I have been experimenting with psycho-active substance since I was a teenager. My first psychedelic experience was with Salvia divinorum (at the time, it was still available for legal purchase at some head/novelty shops in a saturated, extract form). Before finding Salvia, I was only experienced with cannabis/THC in various forms. It didn't take me long to realize that "this" would alter the way that I see the world (I'll share some experiences in further threads at some point).

Following my initial time with salvia, I got my first taste of psilocybin mushrooms and LSD.

Some of my most profound moments of clarity and reflections on life and death have been through the direct assistance of these substances.
Ever since first hearing about DMT, I have been intrigued (and in some cases, slightly frightened).
After reading Strassman's book, The Cosmic Serpent by Darby, some Terence McKenna, and Graham Hancock... I couldn't help but be absolutely fascinated and continue my search for more information on this wonderful substance.

It didn't take me long to stumble on the nexus and all of the informative content.

I look forward to contributing to the forum and hopefully have the opportunity to give back to the community!
I'm frequently in the chatroom, so feel free to say hello!

Until my first experience report, thank you!
Hi, welcome to the Nexus!

Salvia is one of those things still on my list. I seem to have missed the legal train on that one. Snooze ya lose, right?


But as for my favorite psychedelic(s) it is definitely mushrooms and DMT. Mushrooms have become a hobby that I've learned many things from and will be forever grateful. Anyway, I'd love to read a salvia experience if you feel so inclined. Have a good one!

-The Grateful One-
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