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Hello everyone

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Rising Star
Hello everyone, I'm Gnosis.

I've been aware of the spice for a few years now, but never actually thought I'd be able to experience it.

A friend of mine allowed me to experience it and he also pointed out this site to read and do research on. I have yet to break through to hyperspace, but I really want to, even though I know I'm not ready. From what I've read, no amount of research or preparation will prepare you haha.

I am really interested in hyperspace and figuring out what exactly we are experiencing there. I've had several conversations with my friend where we would try to figure out if it was an internal experience or if you actually left your body like some people think. Maybe our collective experiences will help to shed some light of this subject.

Well anyways, I hope to be a productive member of this community and I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for having me!
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