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Hello, need help first experience

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Just registered. First Post!

I have zero psychedelic experience and I am only experienced with weed and this summer I have experimented with microdosing shrooms, overall a positive experience :cool:. (bad/mediocre english writing here :roll: pls be patient )

I'm now preparing for a B. Caapi only experience cause I think it could be a gentle introduction to psychedelics . Quite excited about it :d
- What do you think about it ?
- Are maybe shrooms better for a first experience ? (I know they are quite different)

I'm planning to have the experience alone, in some nice place I know in the woods taking with me something to eat for the end of the experience (MAOI compatible), some water or maybe some fruit tea. I decided to be alone, cause I read that some people go this way... of course there is lot to talk about this aspect ...

In the past I smoked cannabis. Since I have a medical problem of the area of the nose, mainly regarding the nerves, when I'm too much dehydrated, or my nose feels too dry, I
feel kind like suffocating :sick: . That gives me some anxiety, that I manage with some biofeedback or meditation.
That's the reason why I don't consume cannabis no more (makes hella dry) and I don't smoke tobacco (snus is fine instead :want: ) .

I have read tons of stuff, from shroomery, and from here nonetheless I have some questions ( some are weird ones btw 😁 ) :

- Do you guys think that Caapi affects someway your nose, or your grade of hydration during the trip ?
Please don't tell me it dries up like cannabis does !!

- Same question for shrooms : How do you guys think that shrooms affect the nose... I have microdosed em in the past and I feel it makes it kind of more runny with more mucus... which for me is a positive thing :lol: Is it the same with a normal dose ?

- How long the experience would last with 20g of Caapi ? and with 50g ?
I'm a bit concerned that it could be too much too handle for too long time.:p

Hope my post is not too long. I'd like to be more expansive, so don't hesitate to ask more about my plans or myself.

I tend to be an altruistic person and I hope that in the future I can contribute too,
and get better at writing.

- Is there a place where to discuss the quality/effect of a product of a specific seller ? (unlike Sustainable plant and seed suppliers subforum )

thanks, thanks and thanks !
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