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Hello Nexians

Migrated topic.


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Hello, I'm Elrik and I'm a psychonaut. :lol:

Actually I have little interest in recreational drugs, overall. I dont like alcohol, weed seems pointless for me even though its basically free, I have a high tolerance to opiates and I never really tried any others.
Growing up I was a borderline aspie, so emotions and social interaction never came naturally to me.
At 13 I found some alternative literature indicating that psychedelics can help people develop in emotional and social realms so I found a highschool girl that would sell me some acid. A few years of occasional forest hikes on acid did make emotions more available and triggered an appreciation of beauty, which I am very grateful for.
Years later as my father was dying I went back to work, this time with P. cubensis. They were a bit more rough on me but set my momentum right to make some important changes to my life and as a pinnacle to that period of work on one unexpectedly strong experience I experienced love literally for the first time in my life. Clear and unmistakable love for my father. It was well timed, he died one month later.
That was some years ago and now I'm going back to work a third time, now using ß-carbolines, DMT, and perhaps mescaline as my tools.

So yeah, blowing my mind in order to find it ;)

I also like gardening, herbal medicine, and my favorite flavor is blue :p
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