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For the past several years I have harbored a steady interest in the psychedelic entheogens- growing from what was once (I will admit 😉) a primarily recreational endeavor into what I now feel is an essential motive of academic and intellectual pursuits.

Currently, I am enrolled in a biochemistry/molecular biology undergraduate program and am anxious to apply some of the concepts from these areas of study to the development of ides and practices regarding the organic hallucinogens discussed on this forum. In the past I have performed acid/base extractions of Mimosa, several Trichocereus species and Delosperma Cooperi(this was not particularly successful) and SWIM is currently in the middle of a limonene based FASW extraction of jurema root based on Jorkest's TEK in the wiki.

Recently I noticed a topic in the mushroom section of this forum dealing with the purification of psilocin via freeze precipitation of various organic solvents. This discussion has piqued my curiosity - and a friend of a friend has already agreed to begin a cubensis cultivation to devote to experiments in this area (he also may contribute some wild ps. cyanescens finds from this season). Needless to say, I would love to participate in the discussion :p.

welcome :)

sounds like some good experimentation there! Definitely stick aroud and feel free to contribute and ask whatever you want.. Soon enough you'll be able to do so in all the forum :)
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