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JustaSensor is kind of weird, call me Mike if you'd like.

I started with DMT almost half a life ago. I'm in my mid 30s-40s to not give it away precisely.

At first psychedelics were basically just "a cool thing" to do until I really got a taste for them and realized how beneficial they could be when not used as just a toy.

It just so happens that I'm also Buddhist. Both started around the same time. I'm not as knowledgeable as some others regarding every text but it's massive. I got into it due to many thoughts/feelings I already had which matched up and that DMT made even stronger.

Over time I noticed many similarities. That could be a huge discussion and over time I'll share more but I'm a little apprehensive about jumping right in. Another time.

We could compare DMT to a strong meditation for me. Not that I can boom meditate into hyperspace on command but as above there's definitely similarities, kind of like a weaker version where seeing things can take some (lack of) effort. Hard to explain.

I stopped utilizing DMT when I got into meditation but I feel I'll be more comfortable with it now. It's easy to underestimate but I don't believe I'll get quite the jolt as before so, here I am. I'd also like to share as many similarities as possible over time. We all know DMT can be hard to remember so it may take my feet getting wet.

I'm here for discussing it because I may be jumping back into it again. It's great for insight especially when you're just sitting in the dark still.

I see nothing wrong with DMT aiding one in bettering themselves. I'm curious to see if any similar people pop up on here. I can't think of a better place.

By the way the main meditation is called samatha via what's called anapanasati. Good googling. Don't worry I don't plan on babbling about this stuff all the time, I just found it valid to my introduction.

I'm just getting to my "serious" point in the whole Buddhist thing so this seemed like a good time for both and testing potentially related and/or helpful things.

I'll stop there for now.

Hello to you all :)
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