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Hello to everyone

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Since my childhood I was searching for answers only to find more questions about the world. But this is how it works, right?
I've started my spiritual journey more than 15 years ago and it gave me a lot of peace and confident about our reality but it didn't gave me sense wonder and awe, which apparently I am seeking also. As a person who studied history, stories of brave explorers of the world, of those who challenged status quo or unveiled mysteries of the past have always strongly resonated with my mind. That's why I am here.

As for medicines, for now I've tried only cannabis which for me is just a tool for having fun (watching comedies with Louis de Funes while high is experience on its own). Once I ate mushrooms but they didn't worked at all. Something with having full stomach I believe?
Now, as I learned how relatively easy it is to extract spice I'm eager to try it. Hey, I always had this idea, that every person on Earth should go at least once in a lifetime into space to see our blue planet from above, so we can all develop different point of view on life. Maybe, just maybe, it would be much easier and cheaper to use DMT.

Have a great day
and life also.

You call this posts essays. Sorry then for it short length and all errors, as English is not my first language.
Also I want to say that I find this hilarious that I've never ever read on any forum rules and policies while creating account but "Attitude and Support" section put big smile on my face.
Glad to hear you're looking into doing an extraction, do the typical research if you stumble upon questions in any of the teks, if you absolutely can't find the answer to a question that you might have on the teks, then just post it up in welcome area [unless promoted prior to].

If done sufficiently [person/enviro factors possibly also] dmt will deliver imo. Analogous to your 'blue planet/altering of life views', ime dmt can definitely be shocking [taken aback], and it can certainly shred any and every bit of certainty that you might have on any particular thought/idea about yourself, reality, mind, death, life, it can hit all those things ime. It can clear them out've the way in one swoop ime. The depth gone is to your choosing. Don't be afraid of it either [not saying you are], though try to be cautious and pay careful attention to the extraction procedures, methods of delivery for the freebase dmt [pipes/good devices], learn as much as you can, fall in love with it and it'll pay you back in troves.

And in addition to the not being afraid of it that I'd mentioned up above ..I mean yeah most everyone gets preflight jitters, antsy, nervous, maybe afraid? Idk, I don't think that there's much to be afraid of with it imo, you come back [though there could be times that it might feel that you're not/taken too much, omg i od'd, etc lol. Trust's important, genuine trust in the experience as it floods itself through every bit of your being. If done sufficiently and in short timing then it will run over you without much effort, that's a good time to be sitting down or lying back on a recliner :d .

It's a rewarding process to go through ime. The time spent is time well spent 😁

Hope everything works out. :)

** Hope it doesn't sound like I'm just chalking it all off as easy peasy, these experiences can be incredibly powerful, life shattering, it can have you on your knees and move you to tears. Also that there's nothing to worry about, everything is a l l r i g h t, such is life, forever n ever.
Hey, welcome Messer.

Interesting choice of avatar - Shackleton's Endurance trapped in the Antarctic ice. Any particular reason for this choice?

Looking forward to hearing news of your first extraction,

As I said, I'm sort of fascinated by the stories of early explorers. Shackleton and Endurance is one of my favourites.

I did already 2 extractions - first went poorly, but second looks promising. Tested yellow goo in enhanced leaves and had one sub-breakthrough experience. It's...shaky to smoke spice so I'am trying to improve my technique. This is pipe I've used https://unikatowebonga.pl/5710-home_default/lufka-szklana-prosta-8-cm.jpg which probably didn't help. But I already ordered mini bong so it should go better.
tatt said:
Trust's important, genuine trust in the experience as it floods itself through every bit of your being.

I agree whole heartedly; trust in your own ability and mental strength, in your equipment and knowing you have a wonderful product makes 'letting go' easier.
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