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Hello Travelers.

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Long time lurker finally can't hold back and want to join the conversations. I know an introduction essay isn't that difficult but you would be surprised at how long a little procrastination can go on... I think I created this account in 2013 and my first account was in 2011 and "HERE" is finally a little about me.

My pendulum has been swinging wildly in duality of things. Grown up all Mormon, I then swung hard out of religious dogma toward atheism and 'standard science' evidence based reality, and then creative brilliant bright minds got me connecting dots between sacred places in the world, aboriginal and ceremony, sacred geometry, and psychedelics and I was hooked on learning more and more about how to communicate with plants.

I became a die hard Terrence listener and have heard the roughly 20 gigs of audio/video (and I wonder if anyone has bigger libraries) of what I think is everything he's said that has ever been on a pirate site. I then started into entheogens and maintain today his standard of higher doses less frequently. My experiences have been with LSD Mushrooms Cannabis MDMD Aya-Full, Pharma, Changa, jungle spice, and white crystal spice and This coming month I will be finally receiving my fist full spectrum wild harvested buffo toxin.

I came here years ago to learn because of all the experiences DMT has called me to continue the work to create medicine and administer to as many as are willing and to try to facilitate access to more people through knowledge and material.

Recently I began to spend some time in Portland and have found the community here growing. I have met a very HIGH density of people who are also trying for the same goal so as the spice becomes more abundant and accessible it is important we have more people the likes of us here that can be a reference for good information. Many of the people I met know how to extract and consume and still have never heard of things like THH or even changa! I intend to change that.

Can I come play?

I'm also an avid terence McKenna listener/reader. The site in the link below has a good deal of his work, free download, you may already be familiar with it, but just in case I thought I would mention it.

I'm more into organic chemistry, I attended school, and still constantly study. I'm a huge Alexander shulgin fan as well, and have centered my research and chemistry around tryptamine and phenethylamine molecules. Was it Dave e. Nichols who said "If you wanted to kill your career, you did research on psychedelics"? Any way, my motivations don't involve career advancement or monetary gain.

Any way, welcome.

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