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Hello world!

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Hello everyone! Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I wouldn't consider myself super experienced, and I'm definitely not nearly as good as chemistry as it appears the questionnaire would indicate, but I am open to new experiences and meeting new people! General experiences include: 2C-b (once, great for immersion in video games), mescaline (spirit animal is an owl! pretty neat, definitely recommend), psilocybin cubensis (multiple times at multiple dosages), marijuana (not my favorite, prefer edibles and even then, hit or miss), alcohol (actually pretty rarely), caffeine (also rarely), LSD (1650 micrograms, probably not best bet for a first experience, but there WAS a point), and finally MDMA (twice).

Not sure who cares about what, but LSD was sufficiently trippy, world becoming just colors. Being able to feel spaghetti going down my throat. Feeling dissociated from my own body somewhat. Tasting time (different times of the day had different sensations, would look out the window and it'd be morning with people going to work and stuff, despite me only having been there for four hours in the evening, you know, usual stuff). Main experiment was to simulate schizophrenic symptoms (I'm a therapist) and boy howdy pretty sure it did! Paranoid my ex-fiancee was getting angry enough to stab me (still in right mind enough to know I was being paranoid). So that was fun.

MDMA was NOT my shining moment however. Was very young, and stupid, into my experiences, and took half a gram (I know, wayyyy too much), but I was also on SSRI's at the time, which as you might expect, means that while pleasant it didn't do much. Couple years later, acquired a gram for around valentine's day to use with the girlfriend that evening, to which she broke up with me. Thought process (which was depressed) was that 500 mg was pleasant, but didn't do much, so hey what harm could a gram do? Did I mention I was no longer on my anti depressants? Did I mention that I was alone (no girlfriend)? Yeah, like I said, not a smart man. After some actual auditory hallucinations (neighbors arguing below me, when I had a one story apartment), constant deja vu for months afterwards, and having to try to swallow strips of beef jerky with the assistance of water, I learned a new respect for drugs and more important, actual god danged research, rather than going "eh it was fine for ___, fuck it".

Thankfully as an extension of that I got some liquid psilocybin cubensis (also was gonna be for the girlfriend), took the equivalent of 6 grams, and got (WARNING EXPLICIT VERBIAGE INCOMING) made passionate love to (i.e. being submissive to a dominating force) by the universe and experienced what can best be described as a spiritual climax. So call it a win in my opinion.

Been looking at your forums on and off for over a year now, as from my own experience it feels like DMT is the next frontier. I am a fan of experiences, specifically experiences you can't get anywhere else, and more than that I loved and treasured the connection with the universe I felt that first time I had shrooms. May not get that again, but I figure it's best to rely on the wisdom and insight of those that have been here awhile, rather than assume I know everything.

TL;DR You guys are smart and experts on this topic! So I figure I'd say hello!

P.S. dreamer was SUPER helpful in chat (along with everyone else that was helping) and incredibly patient. Very rarely do you see a community that is so noob friendly!
Welcome to the Nexus!

Thank you for sharing your story with us! It sounds like you've had quite the ride so far in life. I can relate to much of what you say. An ex of mine even once broke up with me while I was heavily under the influence of mushrooms...one of the most stressful and life changing trips I've ever had!

You mentioned wanting to have another mushroom experience so I'm curious if you would consider growing them as an option? It is a very fun and rewarding hobby and not too difficult to do successfully.

Lastly, please be aware that mentioning buying/selling of drugs is against the forum rules. See the Attitude Page for more info.

...Anywho, I hope you are able to find what you are looking for here!

Ah shoot you are absolutely right, apologies for not following the rules. Wasn't even thinking. Definitely have considered growing them, but not active enough of a user (at least not at this time) to warrant the investment in time, as this time. Still, glad to be here and thanks for the welcome!
Welcome welcome welcome!
Your stories, while insightful, were funny as hell! Large amounts of boomers do the same to me and then some. I always get vivid hallucinations and experience ego death often. Granted, for my purposes, I almost always ingest high amounts (7g on average). I do not, however recommend that to anyone else. To share a funny story, my first trip and ego death was on 7g on pbj sandwhiches in the theater for Avatar in 3D! And also with a lady friend. It was her idea and I followed her lead. I look back like "wtf?!" Lmao. Anyways, I hope your dmt trip comes to you soon and when the time is right, and welcome again to the Nexus.
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