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just wanted so say hi to all! I stumbled over this forum, when it was mentioned over at the psychonautical society... very nice readings so far. I'm looking forward to hopefully get my first DMT experiences this year... by the way. I reaaaaly love the images from the nexus main page! wonderfull! who made them? have a nice time!
@Traveler: I think about smoking, if my extraction works ;) I'd love to try some ayahuasca as well, but with the ayahuasca i'd like to have an experienced person with me. Maybe this summer I'll meet an relative of a good friend who has been several times with a shaman in the amazons over the last years. He also makes his juice directly in the jungle. I have a much better feeling when I think about using some shamanic ayahuasca with an experienced person, than mixing my own all alone ;) . even though I'm quite an experienced psychonaut. For the smoke... I know it will be quite an experience, stronger and stranger than I can imagine, but the feeling, when I think about smoking it, is that its the right time for me to do it.
Welcome spice elf- Just intime to see the forums new look and appearently there is some kind of porno-site annex here too- lovley changes all around...
Hey,welcome spice-elf.So you haven't been to hyperspace yet eh?Get ready for the ride of your life and please let us know how it goes.
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