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Thought I would say hello.
I am a former lurker who has found this community a valuable resource on the cutting edge of clandestine psychedelic research and experimentation.
Al. K. Lloyd
i like egg plant

but Salvia D. is my all time favorite..not saying i like to smoke her or anything..but she is a remarkable ally..she keeps me company
it certainly ain't this Plant-ars wart on my foot! nor the alien im-Plant in my brain....

guess SWIM's gonna have to go with Lophophora Williamsii as the most guaranteed friendly. Mimosa Hostilis as the most guaranteed mind-blowing. Cebil as the easiest to function on....and Kava as the most relaxing...

okay Al K. Loyd- share a little about yourself with the class :)
SWIM's got a whole giant patch of Salvia growing like wildfire in his house. he loves doing the mouthful of leaves quid thang...VERY different journey than smoking that extract funk....MUCH better!!
yeah..i lost my beautiful salvia plant on new years...my door blew open..and it was like 8 degrees out..she froze to death..so i had to get a new clone :(
I enjoy herb(s) in general.
I'm interested in many plants, my favorites include cacti, caapi and coffee. I like mimosas and phalaris and salvia and other plants too.

I think alkaloids in general are neat, the idea that mere molecules have the capacity to do so many things strikes me as profound. In some ways perhaps alkaloid like molecules have even more of a steady say in our lives than we do, from molecules like serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine that affect mood, thought, blood pressure, heart rate and glucose metabolism, to molecules like nicotine, caffeine and morphine, among many, many others, alkaloids and their pharmacological relatives are found at every level of human function. From imbibing stimulants in social gathers to the function of neurotransmitters alkaloids play major roles in our lives.

Not to down play the integrity of the whole, intact plants interest me at least as much as those which have processed in some way, from simple teas down to sparkling crystals extracts are no less capable of captivating my attention than any live plants seems to be.

Anyway I have been interested in diverse aspects of ethnobotany for some time including psychopharmacology as it relates to botanical compounds. I am also interested in holistic herbalism and famine foods.
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