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I’ve been coming here for about two months now.

I come here because this is a forum for grown-ups who demonstrate respect and humility towards both The Spice and each other. I am 40 years of age but of course age has very little to do with maturity. I feel that immaturity lies in a lack of self knowledge.

My story is not at all unusual. For me it started back when as teenagers we would consume thirty to forty Psilocybe semilanceata in order to ‘trip’ for a laugh. The experience immediately appealed to me and my experiences rapidly progressed from giggles to a sense of something other.

There was more to be aware of here than consensus reality. Naturally, I pursued that strange sense of something other. As the seasons passed I found that I left behind me distracted and disenchanted friends until (within my immediate circle) there was only me. I had to know how far one could travel and yet still return. I progressed to the whole heroic dose thing. suffice to say I never did completely return from the final journeys.

Certain personal problems were brought to the fore during those strange trips. A touch of madness continued to haunt me. I discovered sleep paralysis and HPPD. I didn’t dare return for the next twenty years. Even the effects of Cannabis scared the shit out of me :twisted:

I have since battled and beaten severe and debilitating Social Anxiety Disorder which pre-existed the psychedelics. Complications of this included alcoholism and depression for which I was eventually forced to seek professional help.

I am only now able to gradually reduce the prescribed SNRI antidepressant Venlafaxine to negligible dosage. I will be free of prescribed meds within two weeks. Other than the obvious confidence boost, this will enable me to begin experimenting with MAIOs. Over this last month the Spice has proved to be nothing but a positive influence on my life. A healing influence certainly. Past hurts are healed and future vistas opened.

                             ​

The nursery is not a good idea – it’s a very good idea. The community here is special and must of course take reasoned, moderate steps to protect itself.

I am happy to see so many long established members choosing to spend their limited time cultivating the nursery soil so to speak.

I was here to learn. I am now here to both learn and give. I am sure that anyone who has been blessed with the rapture which can be engendered by The Spice will feel part of a disparate and persecuted church. Sometimes the most one can give is the reassurance that another is not alone.

My username (transitory) is chosen because I do believe that I’m just passing through this incarnation. Whether or not there will be subsequent incarnations I do not know. I do believe that anything which we are capable of holding onto in this world we will not be capable of taking with us into the next. That is my working perspective.

I would very much like to attain full membership here in order that I may contribute via the wider platform available across the forums.

At the moment I am particularly interested in the both the SHE and Hyperspace Lexicon projects. These may soon be able to answer some fundamental questions as to whether or not there is in actual fact another realm of existence available to us through psychedelics and, if so, whether this supposed realm is shared or personal in its nature.

Personally, (and I accept that others have a differing perspective), when in that space there is no doubt as to the veracity of the experience. It is almost beyond personal experience and therefore beyond question (to question is human whereas that presents itself as being somehow beyond the merely human).

Other areas of interest for me are Jorkest's D-Limonene tek which I am about to attempt (thanks Jorkest) and also the continuing investigation into the enigma which is Jungle Spice.

I have already benefitted a great deal from the Nexus. Members have already contributed such a wealth of information that the site Search Engine has sufficed to carry me from my initial question ‘what is DMT?’ through a successful first extraction and on to the question of how best to preserve the resultant clear powdered crystal sacrament.

There is much more which I could say but I won’t bore you all with what would be a very ordinary story by Nexus standards.

PS: my limonene arrived via post today . . . smells good 8)
Hello much peace and respect, brilliant read, all so similar.
Please may swim ask where would one go to get the Limonene? (if this is allowed)

many thanks
Hi L_Star

Thanks for the welcome :d We're not allowed to post direct links to suppliers here but Try post #2 in this thread

Delivery was rapid.
He says any time. as he is new too, but been watching (lurking) over the forums, so must show his face. Yeh he didnt think so, thanks for the reading.

much respect and regards.
welcome :)

Im happy that so many nice new members such as yourself seem to be appearing lately! Also very well written...

Be sure to stick around, and tell us how your experiments are going! SWIM's also curious about the limonene teks, since they appeared he's been dying to try it out but life's been so busy, no time or opportunity yet. Hopefully he will find an appartment soon, and then experimentation can begin :D
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