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Hello everyone! It's nice to find a website like this.

I come here because of an extreme interest in breakthrough experiences.
I am fairly experienced with LSD (very).
I am grateful for that stage of life as a route to internal exploration, growth, and adventure.
I am currently going through a very rapid transformation and in perhaps 4-6 months I will be very interested in having at least 1 breakthrough experience with DMT. I have been learning things about reality that are very interesting and I intend on probing into the subject a bit more through meditation and DMT. At the very least I will learn SOMETHING.

Please feel free to leave any info on the subject of the difficulty of achieving breakthrough experiences if you like/point me to a relevant post. I do not intend on buying the DMT from anyone and am also not experienced with this so quality/purity could be a factor as well as general lack of smoking technique.

Thank you
Welcome, my advice is don't procure it in this manner, extract your own. Everything you need to know is right here on the nexus, spend some time reading and researching and enjoy.

Welcome to the forum.

As Spaced Out says, extracting yourself is not only rewarding in itself but it gives you more of a connection with the roots of DMT.

Good luck :thumb_up:
My bad, I misread your post, sometimes I just read to fast especially when time is limited. I do it all the time then look like a moron when it's right in front of my face:?

Again welcome, and enjoy all information here on the nexus :thumb_up:
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