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I am a plant collector. I love plants. It has been my hobby for decades and my way of making a living for nearly a decade. I wake up with plants on the mind and go to sleep the same. It's my thing. I am a member at sharetheseeds.me as well as many gardening social media groups, etc.

I live in Central TX which allows me to grow some great perennials with minimal winter protection. As my collection of certain tropical plants grows I am becoming more in need of a greenhouse. I am currently working on plans for a 20x40ft greenhouse with pad and fan cooling system. Our dry summers make the swamp cooling based pad and fan system quite effective. I have to have this greenhouse finished by mid November or I will lose a LOT of plants this winter. I will begin ordering materials in just a few weeks, after I finish my plans. I have the plans finished in my mind but am working on putting them to paper now.

Use of psychedelics was a fairly large part of my life in my younger years while I was also a musician. The two went together quite well. When I reached about 28 years old I stopped using them, almost entirely. 5 years later, I am ready to return.

I have been a member on an invite only forum for 6 years now. I understand how difficult it is to keep the culture a positive one. I've seen, time and time again, a new member will be totally cool for a few weeks to a few months. Then, all the sudden, they snap.. and often on a senior member. Our site (Rm3, ever heard?) manages to stay quite positive. They are some of my best friends and I call the place my home on the web. I have contributed, learned and grown as a gardener through the site. It is a great place.

I guess my downside as a member to a forum is my less than stellar English. Poor grammar, usually good spelling, but poor grammar. My vocabulary is, meh. While I have the ability to piece together a better write up than I often do, I guess I just don't have the patience or drive to do so. I use a little too much slang. Lot's of "...". Run on sentences at times. And I edit a little too much. I think that can put some people off. So.. that is my downside, I suppose. My upsides are spread about in the above paragraphs.

So.. that is me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading.



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Hey there Darwins Farm! Welcome to the forum and to perhaps psychedelics as well! That greenhouse sounds amazing, I have just a couple of house plants but I love having them. Your grammar and everything is great, don't worry about it =] Welcome to the forum

Imperfect grammar is by no measure a bad thing.

Languages evolve via imperfections that nevertheless communicate real matter.

And English, being a "nominative" language, with sentences that can change sequence, is very flexible for having an "ergative" language approach applied, by which word sequence conveys meaning.
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