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Hey I'm just another universal reflection of self here to explore, experiment and experience subjectively only to grow and evolve as a whole collectively :)

I have had a little experience with DMT and other psychedelics the last 6 months(besides cannabis, i have for 10 years now) although i have great deal of knowledge and similarities from years of spiritual practices, meditation, dreams, visions since i was a child and had to go through so much being so different from most people even though i lost my connection to source growing up i re-connected and disconnected multiple times through extreme life situations and attraction and dreams.

Since my last DMT experience i have been dying to join this forum and post my experience and see what everyone else has to say about it but i couldn't seem to create an account and i cant post on DMT experiences section just yet.

Thank you :)
Wait to post your full report in the appropriate area. Welcome to the nexus, familiar friend.
Greetings, welcome aboard.

You have full support here at the Nexus. The medicine's can be our greatest teachers and catalysts. I wish you well on your continued journey through the inner cosmos. Don't miss the attitude section above, also. It helps us all out. Enjoy the forum. :)
Hello and welcome to the Nexus!

If you are wanting to post an experience report and you are not a full member yet, you can always post it in the First Steps In Hyperspace section of the forum. It is part of the welcome area and new members can post there.

Anyway, I hope you find what you are seeking here! Have a good one!

-The Grateful One-
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