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Help a Newbile .

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Hey guys ,
I'm new here and this is my first post so a big shout out to You outrageous dudes .
I'm after a lead in the right direction to dmt from plant phalaris aquatica australia .
My mother has previously tried twice to xtract but was met with problems . She did this in the international space station whilst overflying a country where it is legal to do so. She favours the AB and would like to follow this path if possible .
A brief synopsis of her last attempt ;( if memory serves correctly )
Dried ground leaf covered with water , HCl to 5
Stirred overnight , filterd
Wash Added enamel thinner shook discard thinner
Added equal amount enamel thinner (smelled like xyl tol mixture)
Added NaOH soln to 12 , shake , discard h2o
Added new h20 HCl to 6 shake
then It shat itself , this was months ago cant remember but she thinks it emuslified , can't remember but was a serious problem. Too many cones to remember .

So if you boys could point me to a path or point out mistakes in mum's method that would be greatly appreciated . I'll then radio her when she's going over .

Ps Is vm&p the same as white spirit in kevin land ?

Thanks Kev
maskedmartyr said:
your mum did this tek over a internationl space station? are u foreeal dude?!?

Yeh , I am for real . Is there something hard to believe in that account ? :roll:

Anyways , so if there is one of you here who could point to the tek which works for phalaris ...

And yes , I have UTFSE , just throw me a freakin bone ... give me some of your wisdom for free , I have put in and i'm on your side .
use d-limonene and then salt it out with vinegar...evaporate the vinegar..freebase with sodium carbonate and then pull with d-limonene again and then evaporate
if you use d-limonene as the last pull..you can use vinegar to salt out the dmt...the dmt will migrate to the vinegar layer..and then if you evaporate it you will have dmt acetate..you can then freebase it with a bit of sodium carbonate and water..and then pull again with a smaller amount of d-limonene..and maybe a bit of heat to get it all in there..and then you evaporate it down to orange smelling dmt d-limonene evaporates much nicer with some heat on it too..but not too hot because it will vaporize your dmt
Ok , thanks people I'll check those out .
I've only seem fumaric acid written about here and limonene , I'll have to research more .

I've seen it written a wheat grass juicer and smoke evaporated residue , does this work or is it too impure for a proper go ?
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