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Help is definately needed

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I am a man in my 20's from Cyprus and i have had a dmt experience in thailand with an australian shaman. It has been 2 years since i have had the experience and my search on various web sites has not helped much ... im interested on acacia species ( hairy yellow bulb flowers ) since thay are very popular and wide spread in my country. Species similar if not the same to acacia complanata,acacia retinodes and some desmanthus and anathera species. I was wondering if someone could verify these trees for me if i post some closed up detailed pictures of the plants so i could start this long lastin project myself since i have grate respect for the experience and has helped me if i may say so. I know the amounts of dmt in the acacia species are very low and have been considering to change my source. A little help from someone experienced in this matter would be a Grate Help to get a good start. Waiting for a reply...thank you.
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