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Help! Issues misfiring

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Hey everyone!
So swim has been dabbling with the molecule for almost a year now. Over the past month or so swim hit what feels like a wall to his breakthrough. Swim is beginning to overthink it at this point. Swim has tried measuring specific doses but falls just short of breakthrough. It seems the few actual "breakthroughs" swim had was when he wasn't even trying. Maybe that's the trick? Swim ate 800ug of Lucy last night. Towards the end of the night, decided to start traveling a little further. The amount needed to breakthrough at this state of concious must be a lot less. Swim vaporized a relatively small, but never weighed amount of spice, and basically got hyperslapped. Swims brain is still mush at this time. Swim doesnt even know lol...Swim just needed to vent
Maybe change things up in how you spend your day [your activities, etc], even just little changes I find can make a world of difference in how you receive the experience, your sensitivity to it, how it can unfold, etc.

Nothing in life's static in the sense that things are always changing, evolving, rebuilding, or marking new paths of experience. Little changes over time could make the difference you're looking for [anything great is built over time, in increments, no all-at-once-fix]. For instance - friends, family, the types of activities you tend to do/enjoy, music, food, mood in various situations, the list goes on [these are just some of the things that you can alter]. It can be good to change things up in those areas sometimes, those things influence your life and who you are to a degree, so I mean it kind've goes without saying.

You weren't the same person that you were a year ago, even cutting that timeframe down to months or weeks - this adage can still apply. We're not static beings.

Make little personal changes in your life and daily activities, just little things, it doesn't need to be monumental in any stretch of the word imho. Days eventually turn into weeks, weeks blend into months, and so the story goes. These little changes that carry over into the more extended time frames, they can and will change you. All this in turn can really begin to affect your experiences with psychedelics, ime/imo.

Sorry, not trying to lecture, though sometimes you really do need to break down your life and your place within it, work to improve in some facet, go forward. The experience will work with what you bring into it, and not just yourself, but the entire culmination of your own life behind it all.

Here's my advice:

Stop trying to break through. Use sublingual harmalas before you vape. Do smallish doses. Explore that space. The more you spend time in the shallow end, the more you learn it isn't shallow at all. Sub breakthrough with harmalas is where I get all of my important work done. These days, if I break through, it's by accident. With as little as 15mgs in the GVG.
I take sublingual harmalas and set up several 10-15mg doses. The harmalas slow things down and make the space more accessible. It can also be more visionary than hallucinatory, or a mix of the two. The depth is just as profound as a breakthrough, but more interesting. you just have to learn to accept and see the vastness. You need to learn to lay down, close your eyes, keep still and pay attention. Allow the trance to take hold. That was the case for me at least. I get SO much more out of dmt now that I no longer worry about breaking through. Or maybe I have redefined my understanding of "breakthrough."

If you learn to surrender to the substance, you can slip into "breakthrough" or total immersion, from a space you would have previously found dissatisfying. My common dose is between 12-15mgs. Last year I had repeated contact with distinct, named entities. In one case It was a woman named Lupita. Just a woman. Maybe 5' -5", a little bit round. Hispanic or Middle Eastern. The visuals were a bit dim, but not really classic visuals. Whenever I encountered her, it was usually in a sort of physical therapy/massage clinic. Looked like a room. A calendar on the wall, like you might see in a hispanic owned bodega. She would chat with me and work on my body.

She sometimes called in a very intense, stern entity who only approached me from behind. I was instructed not to look at him. Not to address him, but to only answer questions, if asked. She called him "the big guy". Then, later during a protracted period of daily work, she revealed her true self. I had a "breakthrough" on my second 10mg dose (seperated by ~30min from the first) in which I was in a huge cathedral, and she was floating down from above. Pouring blue beams of almost unbearable love into me. She was wearing the classic Virgin Mary gear. I'm not a Christian, and don't know much about the Catholic church. Later I looked up the name "Lupita" and found this: Apparently, in Mexico, Lupita is a nickname for the Virgin Mary. Pretty weird.

Lately, I've been repeatedly visiting some sort of space station in which incredibly lithe alien women instruct me on the nature of grace and other things, while doing incredible acrobatic dances. Some sort of hyperspace martial art.

So... there's plenty of stuff to experience without trying to break through. The experiences I describe usually lack the frightening intensity and state bounded nature of the break through. In other words, you can bring a lot more back. That's something to strive for IMO.
Thank you both for your insight into all this. I think at his point I need to really evaluate a few things. I don't really have anywhere other than here to talk about this stuff. My fiancé gets it, but she was always more involved with Lucy. Its just nice to hear from others perspectives on the situation.
As far as harmalas extract, I have some rue that ive been meaning to extract from. I made some 10x caapi last night before diving into that 800ug. Its now soaking in the spice, and when complete will be my first experience with Changa. I am very interested in the slower integration that MaoI provide to the experience.
Thanks for the replies!
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