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help me name my strains

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As the title says

I have Tree of Life X :

master kush
gorilla glue #4
blue dream
white dragon
girl scout cookies

I need names for all these potential strains. I haven't grown the seeds yet and realize they could be nothing like the parental generation. Still, please indulge me.

I figure who better then Nexians to name Cannabis strains?

A few ideas 😉

Tree of Life X blue dream: Tree of Dreams
Tree of Life X galaxy: Axis Mundi
Tree of Life X girl scout cookies: Clubhouse
best strain name I ever heard was Merlin's Beard

But lessee:
Tree x master k = Guru ( life master)
Tree x wht dragn= Fafnir (just cuz it sounds cool)
Tree x gorilla glue = Jungle Kong, Sticky Tree

Does the winner get a sample? :?:
thethinice said:
Tree X Cookies = Keebler or for no real reason Keebler OG, as in "smokin that Keebler OG"
Get on that elf game.
I had the same thought...but why give Keebler any free advertising? Unless you knew they wanted nothing to do with the association, of course :p

Thank you for all the names so far! Keep em comin!

I think the deciding factor will be me smoking them and looking at this thread, and seeing what floats my boat the most 8)
X gorilla glue = Tarzan trap
X White dragon = Falkor's lair
X galaxy = [the] Dogon
X Blue dream = green dream
X master kush = Ascension kush
X girl scout cookies = THC (tree house cookies)

Happy 420:thumb_up:
master kush - Mastahpiece
gorilla glue #4 - Sticky Ape
blue dream - Blue Haze
galaxy - Altitude Prime
white dragon - Swift Shift
girl scout cookies - GSC Kushi
Tree Of Life X Blue Dream - Blue Adam #1
Tree Of Life X Master Kush - Master Adam #1
Tree Of Life X Gorilla Glue #4 - Gorilla Adams #1
Tree Of Life X Galaxy - Galactic Adams #1
Tree Of Life X White Dragon - Dragon Adams #1
Tree Of Life X Girl Scout Cookies - Adams Cookies #1

***drum roll please***

master kush= guru
gorilla glue #4 = tree sap (my own invention)
blue dream= dream tree
galaxy= axis mundi
white dragon = star semen
girl scout cookies= tree house cookies ... but im actually holding off on that name because I think i am going to cross this with another cookie hybrid called neverland which beckons for the name plus I think it will be more true to the cookie lineage.

Tree of Life X Tree of Life = blissfunk

Keebler incorporated into a name sounds cool to me I am sure I will use it in the future

photos coming soon


The new round of breeding consists of the following which are all still seedlings, and there are 2 of each, non feminized seeds

fruitcake- garden ablaze seeds
neverland- garden ablaze seeds
cherry sherbert- garden ablaze seeds
barbara- the great gardener
satsuma - bodhi seeds
white lotus- bodhi seeds
dream beaver- bodhi seeds

also females at my disposal include :

axis mundi
sour tangie
tree of life
holy grail kush
northern lights #5 x haze
gorilla glue# 4
Girl Scout Cookies
kali mist

So theoretically there are many possibilities, I will update when I know the sex of the seedlings and which is going to be used as the male

please keep the names coming :thumb_up:
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