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HELP me salvage a QT tek NIGHTMARE dont use this tek

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Hey, I have been browsing these forums for a few days now and I so with I would have found yall sooner.... SWIM hastily went with QT's tek from erowid and after reading through this site a few days into the process he was horrified but tales of her tek killing people spice he followed her instructions basically to the T and now before going ANY father he is requesting I post for input on the next logical steps on how to migrat the A/B to VM&P to NaOH to VM&P to evap into a more sutiable Freeze Precip or whatever would be the best method of completion/salvage for this operation... I know this post is very newb but that about sums the 2 of us up. he then deffated 3 times with room temp naptha not sure if this had any affect as so many diff tecks out there and and had seen yours tell it was 2 late. Then he added just enough NaOH to the mix to bring the 1/2 pint level to an almost even 1 pint at about 10-11 PH. at this point the solution thinkened and He was left with a very think Very Grey/smoke colored Almost gel. from this point he let it sit and headed to the forums... after some reading horror stories about QT's tek and about people losing TONs of spice to PH spikes and all kinds of nasty variables he got scared as it hard to get spice for him and he doesnt want to lose his work. In Jar C he currently has VM&p Naptha in a seperate container and exactly 1 pint of slowly thinning and darkinging Grey/Darkgreen/black Gew in Jar B... HE wants to know what your input is as to the next most logical step for completion. as he is worried to progress with QT's fearing future damage is it is damaged... He, being a total newb is just looking for someone to walk him trough it in laymans english with steps from the greygreen gew to nice spice IN Jar D He also has another 50g MHRB in a seperate A/B that has set for the first 24hours with nothing more then that done to the plant material... just soaking Any info you could give me to relay to him would be so appreciated I know this is a rather newb post, but thats what we both are to this and need the experience of someone who has first hand success... TY much for you time and understand and any help you can give I have read this entire thread and while it answer most of my questions I would still Love any assistance yall could give me before proceeding TY in advance for you time and patientce
It sounds to me like you didn't add enough base to it.You need to add your lye solution till it is a ph of 13.It will look black and slippery.If this is done correctly your solution will not have any emulsions.When you have done that then you need to add your naptha and gently mix in.Let that separate for a little while.Then you need to get your naptha out without getting any of the black stuff and freeze precipitate it.If you have any more questions I would be glad to help.
HE was planning on doing a fan evap as HE have no amonia for a freeze precip. is there a reason that HE must freeze? or is an evap poss? and also the solution never did produce an emulsion not when the Naoh was added it just turned that dark grey/green and once the naptha was added mixed within 3 mins to two complete layers what would you do if you were in his shoes as the most logical progression... im sorry to ask for someone to hold his hand but as a first attempt the sucess of this endevour would be very satisfying, and failure might just make me cry at the money time and effort waisted. can the spice be salvaged no matter what?
I would add more lye.If it did not turn black and slippery looking it is not basified enough.You can do an evap if you want.You do not need an ammonia wash at the end it is optional.
it will precipitate in the freezer if there is enough solute in the solvent. if the NP solvent separated after slight agitation an initial evap would determine if any product was pulled.
That did somethine.... It has now turned from a grey green to a very dark grey almost black color like you mentioned... it also completely changed consistancy from a sludge to a very quick mocing oil... there is still some minor exothermic reaction taking place howver my friend says its still cool and wants to know how long he should wait before introducing the naptha again?
Also I just realized that there is a very thin film left on the dishes from the last evaporation... and since I already tested the naptha by itself before and it left 0 residue I think this might be somethine... its kinda smells like a sweet rubber ball from the playground when I was a kid and its a very white almost clear paste is this what im lookin for? and TY for your help im adding the naptha now also this if it is DMT the rubber ball smell will be my first ever DMT hit... I have been obsessed with the chemical but have never tried it... so if all goes well I might be blasting off soon... cause you give me any advice on how to make a bowl or what to use to smoke it since I have no MJ bowl and only limited smoking knowledge ty in advance for all your help today
Success... Swim just interduced himself into hyperspace DMT style.. NO elves though... just a meeting with the grey aliens from UFO stories, and an interesting yet not hostile surgery they were preforming on my right eye, third eye (mind) and my DNA. At least I think thats what they were doing.. there was 4 of them and they didnt say anything but they were communicating with me on a mental level it was nuts SWM cant wait to go again but am waiting a night or 2
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