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Help plz. Numb tongue and chemical taste. the third extraction hiccup.

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Hey all. I need help badly and don't know where else to go, my endless internet searches have yielded nothing....

So in my dream my first two extractions went exceedingly well and I surprised myself with a beautiful straight white spice and then eventually after heat bath pulls,a yellow ACRB spice that was very potent. -- also just a side note I've never done an ammonium wash or a sodium carbonate wash although I kind of think I could do a sodium carbonate I've read up on it I'm just not sure which impurities are making my mouth numb and taste, but I so far have only recrystallized, which I still don't know if I did right because I couldn't really get much goo to settle at the bottom.... or maybe I just had very good root bark and did a good de fat step?

Its a Hybrid A/B salted tek.
The first two extractions only naptha was used though, on the third extraction the 2nd pull and recrystallisation was done with bestine (heptane)

I've been pondering it over nonstop even considering emulsions........

The first two extractions the spice was very potent and did not numb my tongue at all. Also had a regular taste (for spice lol). I am certain of this and I use the same smoking apparatus for the Spice of the third extraction which significantly numb my tongue for a short period Of time and tasted very chemical like.

Plz help if anyone can identify the contaminate or knows what I used, or what I did that could be causing this!?
If you only dreamt of it you dont need to worry. (Drop the swimming and similar it does nothing to protect you)

The only impurities that can be in it is from the chems you used.
Does the DMT smell similar to naptha.
Did you transfer water from the base soup with the naptha. If it was and emuslion you wouldnt even have seen a naptha layer. Let alone be able to pull it.

And what is a "regular" spice taste to you.
To me it just sounds like you didnt smoke it right or simply inhaled some. It really tastes horrid. You can test by simply eating some and then spit it out and wash your mouth with some water and some lemon.
Whats your smoking apparatus? If you smoke DMT right it has 0 taste. You only smell it.
Do you mean the taste of the dmt itself or the vapor? If the dmt crystals make your tongue go numb like that there is leftover base. Do a sodium carbonate wash in a tall thin container. It's better to leave some naphtha behind if necessary than to get the water in the naphtha. If re-xing and sodium carbonate washing still doesn't work you'd have to do an a/b wash.
No the vapor makes my tongue numb. I use a good thick oil burner.

Also a side note i did my last pull with heptane. The brand bestine.
No the vapor makes my tongue numb. I use a good thick oil burner.

Also a side note i did my last pull with heptane. The brand bestine.
Spicebreath said:
No the vapor makes my tongue numb. I use a good thick oil burner.
Yes, it can make your tongue/lips numb. Oil burner/meth pipe is not very good for dmt. You`re burning most of it, so its producing bad taste/smell plus numbing. Trust me, I`ve been there. You can make yourself dmt machine or invest in something like GVG. You`ll feel the difference.
Let your DMT dry for another day before you smoke again. After that I would test a small dose and see how it go's. After you test it make some enhanced leaf and smoke it out of a bong. I would use a bong with a ash catcher and water filtration. It should filter out small traces of lye. That's what I would do :lol: ...
Just came across this after having a similar issue, started out beautiful white xtls then went through Naphtha re-x , dried thoroughly in yellow xtal to powder, but tasted horrid. Was worried and got a numb tongue for the first time since the 1st time (poor spice) but got the tell tale initial effects. Did a acetone re-evap, ended up with zero xtals obviously but after it dissolved I managed to see some impurities, one even left a red streak after I touched it and removed it. (I have bad hands/joints so being able to pull well isn't on the cards) Came out off white, tastes cleaner after a 15mg so now am happy to proceed again.
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