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Help with Acacia ID?

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Found a couple of young acacia's on the side of the road near my house. Looks like an acacia, but not one that i've ever seen growing in my area? I'm thinking maybe Obtus because of how leathery the leaves are and the obtuse ends.

ok it is a bit hard to tell in the photos you have.... try and take some extreme closeups

best way to tell for sure would be to take a closeup photo of a few of the phylodes.

It took me quite a few tries to actually find obtus in the wild but as soon as I saw them I knew...

you are definitely on the right track with the leathery texture... obtus are very noticeably leathery textured compared to similar acacias like longifolia...

also keep an eye along the edge of the phylodes... all obtus will have rough edges with little chunks taken out... this is due to something that happens when they are in the bud stage... cant remember exactly what, Im quite the amateur botanist... ;)

please keep in mind when working with most of the active acacias... try not to harvest a full tree... use recently dead trees if you can... but if not, the phylodes DO have a relatively high percentage of DMT... if youve found a grove of younger tree's just strip some of the phylodes from each tree... maybe prune a few branches as long as it promotes more growth... really try not to kill a whole tree... if you only take some phylodes and do a little pruning you will ensure that they can grow back by next season and you will have a continuous supply for ever :)

Im not thinking you were planning to go and kill any acacias... but it is something I have been thinking about lately and thought it wise to post on a public forum

good luck 8)
Definantly not obtusifolia, looks very like it though. yeah look at the leaves, obtusi
usually has about two main veins on the leaf the ones in your photos looks like one. these
leaves also look more long and slender. interesting looking acacia though im prety sure ive
seen ones like it around my area maybe its a hybrid of some kind but im no expert
hey mardybum

Yeah, nah, maybe, it's a tough one
Obtus certainly are not native to WA (right?), have nothing to do with it, but they could have been introduced. The phyllodes have obtus tips, but don't seem to have the rough edges we're used to seeing (but hard to tell from the pics). These phyllodes also look extra thin, ie: not wide. The growth looks similar to obtus, but obtus tends to be less denser with fewer nodes than those you've got. Looks a little more like longi but that's equally unlikely. Keep an eye on them though especially around nov-dec, if they're flowering obtusi style you may just be in luck!
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