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Help with curling P. viridis sprout leaves


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Not sure what’s the cause, if any to be concerned about.

Nutes? To much light? Humidity?
Could they be just very young and that’s what they do?

They are basically still In A takeout tek approach.
No drainage, on a seedling heating pad.

Weak led grow light about 15 hours a day and indirect sun from two windows in a corner spot.


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I haven't had leaf curl like that and not do I have much experience with viridis but I do with the hybrids. Considering that Chacruna grows in the rainforest in an understory I would say that the amount of light you're giving isn't necessary at this point. I usually go indirect ambient light at most. I've had plantlets spring up from leaves I've left in water so I doubt it's humidity. Are all doing it or just that one?

At this point I wouldn't be too worried. They also look about the size that I usually transplant into their own pots too.
I could see the light being to much, maybe I’ll adjust the schedules for a while and see how that goes.
They are all doing it.
Might have detected some leaves a lighter green which I think can be a symptom of to much light.
Decided to forget about “adjusting the schedule “ and just going to cut out the grow light altogether. We’ll see how just the ambient light from the windows goes.
I think that's the way to go. I've never given mine supplementary light above indirect ambient light. Currently my leaf cuttings are in quite a bit of shade and after 2 months they're starting to shoot new plantlets which is similar times to when they've had more bright ambient indirect light indoors.
Hope they're OK, i 'd remove the heat pad and give them fresh air ASAP.... Use room heating and a humidifier.
They are alive and doing well. Still cozy in the setup pictured above
It’s still cold here and we don’t really use the heat in house haha, we like it that way.
Once it warms a bit I will pot them up and remove the heating pad.
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