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Help with Extraction Please!

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Ok so I have been doing some extracts on chali. And long story short some table salt (non-iodized NaCl) got involved and I believe it to be in my final product (I also used vinigar but the result feels and looks like fine crystal table salt of a brown yellowish color).

Is their any way to remove it without removing wanted alkaloids?
Sure I will later today! I tested it (sublingually/orally ) and it seems to be active around .6g. But only a mild phycadelic buzz was felt along with a slightly altered since of time. Kinda like marijuana but a definet heavy
Mental effect was noted.
Here are some pics of the extracts. One has flash on to show what it would look like in a brighter environment. In my opinion its prolly just semi-inpure 5-meo (cause chali has other alkaloids to) with a whole whole bunch of salt. Or it may just be a typical impure acid salt form of the alkaloids. I honestly have no idea, but it was evaped out of a vinegar IPA solution (70% mixes with vinegar pretty well) and pops when smoked (direct flame).

NOTE: The reason the solution was a mix is that some of it was from a chali pull, and some of it was from previous extractions on YOPO and such that were put in my waste jar to steep until I could evap it all down for something useful.

The total yield was 15g flat from a solution of about 80ml

EDIT QUESTION: If this does in fact contain salt (NaCl) then would adding enough water to disolve all of it into solution and then evaping create a HCl salt form of the alkaloids in their and also eliminating the salt thru a chemical reaction?


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