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I'm sure it's been discussed here endlessly, but I feel this is something that can never be over-discussed. I found this very cool little diagram from a site I've had bookmarked for a year or something. I'd like to share it; it's rather self-explanatory, and very comprehensive in ALL the uses of Cannabis, be it hemp or active cannabis.


From THIS site.

I'm one of those hardcore hemp advocates. I think it gives you a little more credibility when you don't actually smoke it yourself. Though I did smoke it for 6 years heavily- daily. I've had to quit due to my life's current demands. But I will never stop believing in Cannabis in EVERY single one of its uses.

I'm so sick of these AdCouncil commercials, "What has weed done for you?" Why don't you ask that to the countless people who use it medicinally - legally or illegaly. I'm sure they'd have quite a bit to say about what it does for them on a daily basis.

I'll tell you what weed has done for all of humanity. If it weren't for hemp, the world wouldn't be what it is today. There's no doubt about that. Industry (especially), religion, and art have all been fueled greatly by cannabis for probably 10,000 years, since man apparently first started becoming what we are today. There was a time in this country when it was -REQUIRED- by law for farmers to grow hemp, during times of need or war.

Hemp, the variety of cannabis that cannot even get you high in any way (and in fact contains a chemical that blocks the THC high) is ILLEGAL to grow in America.

Anyone who doesn't find that a bit suspicious is in serious need of a wake-up call.

And I think that wake-up call is right around the corner.

We need more "legit" advocates bringing this subject to the public in a professional manner. I just fear that any attempt, as it always has in the past, will quickly be snuffed by the greedy hands of all the industrial corporations that hemp could replace with more efficient, renewable products.

Your entire house, from the frame work to the insulation to the drywall to the very paint that is put upon it can be made from hemp. The foundation can be made even stronger and water-resistant by adding hemp to the concrete. The house would be stronger. Forests would be spared, a serious issue that isn't given enough attention.

Biodegradable plastics.

Your car and the fuel that makes it run could be hemp-based. Hemp has 10x the impact strength of steel. The first Ford Model-T had hemp parts and was designed to run on hemp fuel. I'm sure the oil companies paid a pretty penny to prevent that from being marketed.
manyc said:

I'm one of those hardcore hemp advocates. I think it gives you a little more credibility when you don't actually smoke it yourself.

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu BANG!

(*sound of endlessness falling down and crashing on the bottom of the list of credibility hahah)

No but really, I hear ya, its incredible how much the world could profit from hemp in so many ways! its obvious there is a lot of lobby against this...

I give all support to whoever is trying to make the changes and bring hemp (or the awareness of it's potential) to be used in our society.

I think things have got to change sometime.. All over the newspapers, magazines and tv, like cnn, reuters, the economist and so on, are talking about the failure of war on drugs... I think there is some sort of momentum building up, who knows, maybe we will see some positive changes soon.. I hope so at least
Hemp forever.
This morning I´ve been thinking how cool it would be to substitute the ugly politecture with hemp made houses inhabited by cool naked little happy hippie people. And me among them.
Hemp is responsible for the British empire (rope for navy ships). So it's not all good! ;)
One English monarch (I forget which one) decreed that all peasants must grow at least one field of hemp. He thought this would keep the peasants happy and unrebellious.

But hemp is legal anyway. It's only the 'fun' stuff that isn't.
Indeed hemp was/is huge in the military, mainly the Navy. That is certainly a less positive use. About the only negative use I can think of, really.

But still... war has had its positive effects in humanity's progression. I'm pretty sure a lot of positive progress could be pointed out in the research and whatnot that has gone on because of war. I'm not saying I like war. War is bad. Heh.

Yeah, it's legal to have hempen products.. and it's not really illegal to grow it. But good luck getting a permit to grow it:

"Q: Is industrial hemp illegal to grow in the United States?
A: Technically the answer is no, it is not illegal to grow hemp in the U.S. and it has only been in its current state since the adoption of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in 1970. Tara Christine Brady noted this in her 2003 story "The Argument for the Legalization of Industrial Hemp" in the San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review:

"Currently it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States without a special Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) permit being issued."
Jean Rawson, of the Congressional Research Service, also noted this in her 2005 CRS Report "Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity" for the U.S. Congress:

"Strictly speaking, the CSA does not make Cannabis illegal; rather, it places the strictest controls on its production, making it illegal to grow the crop without a DEA permit."
Growing hemp is kind of like driving, you can't drive without a license and you can't grow hemp without a permit. The difference is that it is almost impossible to get a permit from DEA to grow hemp. An excellent example is John Stahl, of The Evanescent Press, and his DEA permit story."
-Industrial Hemp: The Ultimate Web Resource For Hemp

Fuckin DEA. Who is to say what one can or cannot rightfully grow; the gifts of our fucking planet.

Dark times, man. Dark times.
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