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Herbs that are safe with Syrian rue/at what amount?

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I had an interesting idea...

Since rue doesn't contain THH which is a weak ssri, it is said that it's far less good of an maoi compared to caapi.

The reason why I don't use caapi is the huge price difference and much more plant matter would be needed.

To my understanding st. John's wort has a weak ssri as well, and I would be interested if I can use it with my rue/mimosa mix.

Pardon my ignorance, but it doesn't stop there...

I would also like to hear more about stuff like lemon balm, mugwort, passion flower, maybe adaptogens etc etc.

I don't know what any of those plants do especially in combination with an maoi.

If I can, I would like to add them to make my Aya experiences more rounded, balanced and possibly counteract some of the body load without compromised potency.

Anybody any good tips? Ideas? Suggestions? Experiences?

Would really be interested to hear more about that.
I would say it's best to not mess around with taking St. John's Wort while having harmalas in you. There's really no logic in trying the combination.

Less worrisome are the lemon balm, mugwort, and passion flower.

I have my personal list of substances I have consumed in certain amounts while using the harmalas and while using the RIMA Moclobemide. Not knowing for sure everyone would be as lucky as me with my specifics I keep some of the info to myself.

But taking St. John's Wort while on any drug with MAOI activity is said to be like the main no-no golden rule. I don't see why you'd want to.
St John's wort is ostensibly contraindicated with MAOI - but I do use small amounts (half tsp) daily in a herbal tea blend - usually including lemon balm, mugwort and chamomile as well, as it happens - alongside largely daily harmalas. I'm fine - but the dose is not anywhere near an amount for producing significant SSRI effects. My anecdotal account should not be construed as any kind of advice or recommendation, either.

One thing that did seem potentially problematic was Eschscholzia - Californian poppy [in the form of dried, powdered seed pod husks]. While this herb doesn't contain significant amounts of the usual Papaver alkaloids, after two trials in succession (on successive nights) there were slight signs of respiratory paralysis. This was a shame, because the dream enhancement was phenomenal. That aspect did appear to display tachyphylaxis though, so I'm feeling as much relieved as disappointed about this.
Just the herb, not standardised afaik, just EurPhHerb.

Edit: oh, the other thing to be aware of is the influence of StJW on cyp450 metabolism; I seem to recall it induces cyp3A4 - but that shouldn't affect harmalas much unless it affects cyp2D6 in some way as well (can't check rn).
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