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Hey all

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Hi everyone.

I’ll make this short.. no wall of text . I’m a former engineer and engineering teacher (electronic). I worked in Silicon Valley for 20 years or so, then moved back to the Midwest where I began teaching until an auto accident nearly killed me. I’m a survivor.

Since I was an engineer it means implicitly that I was a member of the matierialist dogma club. Western science sans spirituality. This didn’t suit me because I knew from a youth spent nearly full time in nature, the woods, the streams, and outside... and also because of the weirdness of near-death that I won’t torture you with, that there is more of There, here. And there.

I’ve been reading eastern philosophies, I participate in a global, weekly en masse meditation, am very involved in QuantumActivist notions as espoused by a particular author of the seminal quantum mechanics physics textbook, and have found this community popping up over and over again as I’ve been exploring, internally.

There is a reason that dogma is dogma. And what I’ve been reading around here sounds like truth.

I find myself privileged to be in the midst of smart people, non-judgmental and intellectually curious people. Your discussed experiences give me the aha! of candor, and your scientific prowess is impressive. And all the rest.

I think the thing that most impresses me is that you seem genuine in a way that speaks to integrity of purpose.

I’ll be around awhile, mostly keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut. But I wanted to /wave /smile and /hug.


Welcome to the Nexus!
It is good to have you here.
Now go around, read, learn, & enjoy yourself.
Maybe post some journeys?
Good luck my friend, & Happy travels.
Thanks... I am newer than the newest of the new. So it will be awhile,, I’m reading everything I can find to kick-start myself. I’m very thirsty, and after I find a foolproof way to quench my thirst, I’ll say hello properly. :)
Your path is one to be admired the way of the intellect can be difficult. My mentor has described the universe essentially as composed of energy. When it flowing freely through you things will become clear and void.
Just because you are an electronic engineer I wanted to ask if you have heard about the series "screenland"?

Season 1 episode 1 is centered on technological developments inspired by psychedelia, well, it's actually more complex than that, but the program was great none the less. These individuals are developing technologies which relate to reality in a very psychedelic way, and some of the designers were influenced by the psychedelic experience.

The episode even quotes terence mckenna and speaks about LSD and other psychedelics influencing the development of these new technologies, which are quite psychedelic in their own right.

Mckenna was probably fairly accurate when he said "The drugs of the future will be more like computers and The computers of the future will be more like drugs"
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